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Welcome to my blog where you are free to interact in a safe, friendly place. I come here often to write about my writing journey, positive living, taking action and inspirations.

Here’s Why I Blog:

Writing helps me sort out life’s twists and turns. Life is certainly full of them, offering lessons at every bend in the road. With each curve I come across, a new message seems to stare me in the face, begging for me to take notice, learn from it, and move onward. If I didn’t write, I don’t know if I’d stop and listen to what life is trying to teach me. You see, I’m always on the lookout for interesting adventures to ponder and then reflect on through stories and blog posts. Writing books is my fuel, and exploring ideas through blogging is my catalyst.

Please feel free to explore past posts and join in the discussions.

Wishing you the best always!


weight loss hacks

3 Weight Loss Hacks You Should Avoid At All Costs

If you type into Google ‘ways to lose weight fast,’ you’ll be presented with a cacophony of weight loss hack articles.

relieve stress

How Indoor Plants Can Help Relieve Stress

One quick way to help relieve stress is by placing indoor plants around your home. We sometimes forget to take care of our own well being yet are very good at encouraging others to do the same.

feel stressed

When You Feel Stressed This is What Happens to You

We all feel stressed form time to time. It’s natural. For many of you reading this, it’s fair to assume that stress is a regular part of your life.

addressing triggers

How Addressing Your Triggers Could Change Your Life

Everybody has ‘triggers’ to some degree. A trigger is often referred to as an event that ‘triggers’ an immediate emotional reaction.

Improve Diet

Simple Tips To Improve Your Diet and Your Overall Life

Your diet is important to your overall life. With any good diet, you can reduce your chances of getting ill, perform better when taking part in a sport, and feel more positive about yourself.

immune system tips

3 Effective Ways To Boost Your Immune System

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3 Effective Ways To Boost Your Immune System
Your immune system needs to be healthy to fight off invaders. Your immune system is your friend. It protects your body from infection. Give it your full support and, as with any friend, there will be perks.

Improve Health

3 Practical Steps You Can Take to Improve Your Health in 2021

Good health is priceless. Unfortunately, many people don’t prioritize their physical and mental well-being until it is too late.

Flush sickness

Tips To Flush Sickness Out Of Your Body and Feel Better

When you’re not feeling well, the goal is to flush sickness out of your body quickly. Let’s face it, getting sick isn’t something any of us will enjoy and it can throw you off whatever you’re doing.

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