Most people would like more meditation in their routines, but relatively few people do it. People say they’d like to do it for an hour a day, but they often do less than that per weekIt’s like exercise. People want to work out for their well-being but need help getting around to it. 

That’s where this post can help. We explore some of the methods and strategies you can use to get more meditation into your daily routine. With these concepts, it’s easy to start living the life you want and feel more relaxed, calm, and in control of your mind. 

 Be Flexible With Yourself

 Telling yourself that you must do meditation is usually a recipe for disaster. It has to be something you naturally enjoy. It shouldn’t feel like yet another “self-improvement” activity. 

Remember, meditation is not a competition or a performance. It is not about achieving a specific state of mind or feeling a certain way. Ultimately, it should be something you do because you enjoy it. People started meditating because it was fun, not just because some guru on the internet told them to do it. 

Meditation’s key is being present and aware of your current experience. The goal isn’t to quiet the mind, but you will find that it calms down the more you practice. 

Don’t judge yourself or give up on meditation. If your mind wanders or focuses on other things, accept what is happening and keep practicing. 

Turn It Into A Habit

The people who meditate for long periods throughout their lives are those who turn it into a habit. It’s people who consistently do the same things, day after day. 

Brands like Ungloo make it easier for meditation to become a habit. The idea is to take equipment with you wherever you go to meditate comfortably without worrying much about your body. 

Some people meditate when they: 

  • Go for walks
  • Take a shower
  • Commute to work
  • Sit in nature

It becomes easier once you make meditation an intrinsic part of your routine. You can use “dead time” to build inner peace. 

Find A Good Spot

Another trick for incorporating meditation into your routine is to find an excellent place to do it. You can meditate anywhere as long as you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

However, this spot will differ depending on the type of person you are. Most people require somewhere secluded to block out the world, but others can meditate just about anywhere. 

Ideally, you want a spot that won’t disturb you. If you feel the park or train is too busy, find somewhere else, even if it’s your home. 

Do It For A Few Minutes A Day

Lastly, starting small is the best policy when it comes to meditation. Don’t try to sit for a full hour if it is your first time.