In the Works…


Publish Date: March 2020

Meet Harper Ray, a jack-of-all-trades. To keep afloat financially, she spends time working as an Indie acoustic performer, video production assistant, random house cleaner, and an occasional music tutor at a music store. A tragic thing happened in her childhood that keeps her blocked and thus limits her ability to see and live her potential.

Meet Ivy Homestead, a green witch, life coach, vlogger, and co-owner of Oasis Wellness and Retreat
Center. Her life purpose has always been to help people live their best lives. Only Ivy suffers from Imposter Syndrome after she hurts her best friend. This blocks her in her life coaching and vlogging, leaving her without a sense of purpose anymore.

In comes Harper. Ivy and her Aunt (co-owner) hire Harper to maintain the retreat center. During this time, Ivy becomes re-inspired when she sees how much help Harper needs and how she can be the one to help ‘fix’ her. Only Harper isn’t keen on being ‘fixed’ by someone she is intimately attracted to.