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Bella Rodriguez navigates the intricate balance between her dynamic life in America and the echoes of her Colombian roots. Struck by the loss of her mother, Bella finds herself drawn back to Colombia, a country she left behind thirty years ago.

There, she encounters Cami, a vivacious barista and coffee farm owner whose presence pulls Bella into a captivating dance with destiny. Their electric and undeniable connection leads them on a journey through the rich tapestry of Colombian coffee culture, puzzles, and love.

In this whirlwind of family obligations, career demands, and a blossoming love, Bella stands at a pivotal juncture in life. Each decision is a piece in the intricate puzzle of her identity, weaving together her aspirations and deepest yearnings. “Unpuzzled” is a compelling narrative of love, self-discovery, ambition, and the courage to follow your heart’s true direction.

A note from Suzie

Much like a puzzle, life is a series of interconnected pieces shaped by our choices, cultural heritage, and relationships. In the pursuit of understanding these pieces and where they fit, we discover our true identity, purpose, and belonging.

Setting for Unpuzzled

Much of my family live in Quindío, Colombia, nestled in the heart of Colombia’s coffee region. I visited recently to complete my research for this novel. Quindío is a verdant tapestry of rolling hills, lush coffee plantations, and vibrant towns. The landscape is painted in hues of emerald and olive, punctuated by the deep browns of the fertile soil.

The town where the book is primarily set (Barcelona) is bursting with color, with colonial houses adorned in vivid yellows, blues, and red line cobbled streets. Canopied marketplaces and open-air cafes buzz with life as the rich aroma of freshly brewed coffee wafts through the air, marrying the visual splendor with sensory delight.


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