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Smart Ways To Care For Your Body After Surgery

Your body is miraculous and its capacity for healing is immense, even after surgery. Although, to speed your recovery, taking extra special care of your body after an operation is the best approach. The good news is you can find out all about how to care for your post-surgery body in the smartest way possible, in the post below. 

Attend your post-surgery appointments 

First of all, to care for your body after an operation, it’s very important that you attend all of your appointments even when you are let out of the hospital. This is because your medical provider will need to check in with you and track your recovery. Additionally, they may wish to change your dressings or clean your wounds, which can be very hard to do at home. Also by seeing a professional in their early stages of healing they will be able to spot any issues or infections right away, which means you can get intervention treatment as fast as possible. 

Keep your wound clean 

As previously stated you may not be able to clean your wound or change your dressing yourself. However, there are many things you can do to keep the site of your operation clean. The most simple of these is to wash your hands before touching your wound. Secondly, be sure to adhere to any advice on avoiding getting your dressings wet, as even if they are submerged in clean water it can be harmful unless changed straight away. 

Make sure you receive the right aftercare 

Next, it’s vital that you receive the correct aftercare. For some people, this will be attending their post-surgery appointments and that will be it. Yet for others aftercare will be a much more complicated procedure. For example, some may require physical therapy to rehabilitate the area of the body that was treated. While others may require closer supervision and support when using provisions such as colostomy bags. 

Of course, those whose surgery didn’t go to plan may have to deal with additional consequences as well as their original complaint, something that could cause them even more pain and inconvenience. The good news is that if you have been affected by an operation that didn’t go to plan, you may be able to claim compensation to cover the costs of surgery and support to put in right. All you need to do is get in contact with a firm of medical malpractice attorneys to find out whether this is the case. They can then determine whether you have a valid claim and give you advice on how to proceed. 

Eat healthily 

Last of all, to take the best care of your body after surgery, it’s very important to make sure that it receives the nutrients it needs to heal. Of course, this can be a little challenging because as you recover you may not feel much like cooking or eating. 

However, taking the time to cook and freeze nutritious meals beforehand can help a lot here. Then all you will need to do is reheat them. Some services can provide such meals for you too, which can be very helpful if you are facing a long recovery period. 

Managing Your Mental Health

Managing Your Mental Health: Self-Care Strategies To Try Today

The subject of health has dominated the headlines for the last year, and more and more of us are talking about mental wellbeing, as well as physical health. Just as we can take care of our bodies, we can also be proactive in protecting and nourishing our minds. In this guide, we’ll discuss simple self-care strategies you can try today. 

Managing your time

A lack of time is one of the most common causes of stress and anxiety. Many of us feel like we live our lives at a hundred miles per hour, and we long to be able to slow down. Try to manage your time effectively and make time for rest, relaxation and hobbies. Nobody can survive without sleep or be in two places at once. Analyze your schedule each week, discuss your workload with your boss if you’re working overtime frequently, and plan your day so that you have enough time to exercise, socialize and sleep. Achieving a healthy work-life balance can help to reduce stress and increase productivity. 

Realizing what is and isn’t ‘normal’

We all have mental health and we all have days where we don’t feel happy or motivated, or we’re out of sorts. It is perfectly natural to have the odd day where you feel a little on edge or upset, or you lack energy or enthusiasm. It’s also natural to feel anxious or nervous if you’ve got a deadline due, you’re preparing for an interview or you’re sitting an exam. One of the most beneficial steps you can take to manage and protect your mental health is to learn to spot the difference between what is and isn’t ‘normal.’ If you feel down for long periods, you struggle to relax or you feel anxious even in situations that should be calming or relaxing, or you find it hard to concentrate or stop your mind from whirring, don’t hesitate to seek help. 

There are many self-help techniques, as well as treatments and therapies such as counseling for anxiety, which can help to lift your mood, reduce stress and anxiety and help you to feel more confident and relaxed. You can talk openly about how you feel, get things off your chest, express emotions and learn how to cope with triggers in the future. There is no shame in asking for advice, and reaching out can make all the difference.

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Devoting more time to people and activities that make you happy

It may sound simple, but one of the best things you can do to boost your mental wellbeing is to devote more time to people and activities and hobbies that bring you joy and happiness. When was the last time you caught up with friends or spent the day with your mom or sister? Many of us prioritize work and looking after others, and we don’t have enough time to enjoy ourselves. Try to connect with others, surround yourself with positive, supportive people and use hobbies to learn new skills, broaden your horizons, make new friends, relax, express yourself and have fun. 

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We often focus on our bodies when we talk about health, but our minds are equally important. Self-care is all about looking after yourself and being proactive in protecting both physical and mental wellbeing. 

emotional resilience

How to Build Emotional Resilience

Building emotional resilience is a selfless act of love that can help you experience a sense of well-being in a hectic world. Let’s face it, life can get pretty stressful and hectic, whether it is surrounding your work or social life. So at times you probably find that you put your own wellbeing last, particularly when you live with other family members and are perhaps accustomed to looking after their needs first. But over time this lack of attention for yourself can have a negative impact, so finding time to do what you enjoy is very important. 

Bottling Up Your Feelings Is a Bad Habit  

When you are constantly battling through various scenarios in your life you might find that you learn how to build emotional resilience against any unexpected issues that arise. But in reality not looking after your own mental wellbeing can be damaging. So instead of bottling up all your emotions and just thinking ‘oh well, I don’t need to deal with this right now’ could be harmful in the long run. So allow yourself to deal with different emotional scenarios by talking to someone you feel comfortable with and writing down any stresses or concerns that may be bothering you. 

Not Sleeping Enough Affects Your Body’s Wellbeing

You might think you feel fine after only a few hours of sleep each night and that your body is able to function, but after a while this can have an effect on your body’s ability to fight off any infections, which is particularly rife around fall time. So try to find time to catch up on sleep and create a relaxing bedtime routine

Enables You To Enjoy Your Own Company 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time on your own, unwind, and enjoy your own company. Essentially you should aim to do this as often as you can, so that you can spend time doing what you thoroughly enjoy and it enables you to process your own thoughts and feelings.

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You Can Achieve Your Ambitions and Goals 

You don’t want to go through life putting your own ambitions and goals on the back burner, so try to remind yourself that you have dreams too to fulfill. Even if you haven’t realized them yet, you still can if you give yourself the opportunity to. Instead of putting yourself at the back of the queue, try to find time to pursue your own interests otherwise you might regret not fulfilling your ambitions. 

It might not come naturally to you but if you are someone who is used to putting other people first, then you need to try and get into the habit of focusing on your own well-being both physically and psychologically. You deserve to be happy.

carve your own life

Carving Your Own Life’s Path

In this episode, my special guest, Samm Shave, shares her thoughts on living life on her own terms. We chat about the benefits of claiming your own future according to your own ideals as well as marinate over the downfalls that can occur when you don’t. 

Listen on your fav podcast player or watch the interview on YouTube.

About Samm Shave

Samm is a shipping and receiving manager and aspiring lesfic author by day and a dog mom, nature explorer and all around Jill of all trades by night!


How to Take Your Passion For Fitness Even Further

It can take a while before you really feel like fitness is a part of who you are. But it’s oh so good when it is. Once you’re thinking primarily in terms of your body, you’ll be able to adopt practices that ensure you’re well on your way towards feeling your best. And that’s a gift that will serve you for the rest of your life. 

And the good news is that you don’t just have to settle for a few benefits. There are things you can do that’ll allow you to take your passion for fitness even further. In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the smartest ways to make the most from your fitness passion and knowledge.

Challenge Yourself

It’s a challenge to get up off the couch and decide that you’re going to dedicate some time to your fitness. But you shouldn’t stop challenging yourself once you’re over that hurdle. There’s always more that you can do. If you feel like you’ve hit a plateau with your fitness regime, perhaps now’s the time to look at stepping things up. What about a challenge? The type of challenge you take on will depend on the type of activity you do, but there’ll always be something. Could you plan to run a marathon, for instance? 

Start a Website

It’s likely that you’ve got a wealth of useful information and advice related to fitness, especially if you’ve been on something of an interesting journey towards good health. In that case, why not put that information to good use? One way to do this is to start a website where you can share tips, recipes, workout routines, and more. If writing isn’t your medium, then you could also consider hosting a podcast or creating a YouTube channel. If the information is useful enough, then there’ll be people who are interested in what you have to say!

Make It Your Career

Another option is to look at turning your passion for fitness into a career. If you really love everything related to the gym and physical improvement, then why not study for personal training certification online? Once you have that, you’ll be able to work in gyms with members of the public who want to become healthier. You won’t just make a living this way; you’ll also have plenty of job satisfaction, too!

Overall Wellness

Finally, if you’ve figured out that looking after your body is beneficial, why not focus on other areas of your health, such as your mental wellbeing? The truth is that once you begin the healthy journey, you often find that there are so many things you can do to feel good inside and out, all the time! 


With a little bit of work and effort, you can ensure that fitness becomes a fundamental part of your identity. Once you’ve done that, you’ll begin to feel the many benefits that it can bring to your life, including having more energy and feeling your best when you’re older. Best of luck!

7 Ways to Make Yourself Happy

What makes you happy? Some people say it’s being with friends. Others swear by family time. But there are many ways to be happy. It is essential to be self-sufficient to take care of your own happiness and not rely on others for it.

You Are One Of A Kind

Don’t compare yourself with other people because everyone is different. Instead, try and learn from them.

Activity That Makes You Smile

Spend time on something that interests you or makes you happy each day. For some people, this might be reading the newspaper, while for others, it might be meditating in nature. Whichever activity you choose, make sure your life is better in some way.

Grateful Heart 

Be grateful every day. Writing down three things you are grateful for each night before you go to bed. Or simply taking some time out of the morning to think about what went well the previous day and thank yourself for it. A great way to make yourself happy is through appreciation, whether it’s thinking back over good memories from yesterday or looking forward to another amazing day tomorrow. Take time at least once a week to give yourself credit where credits are due. Never fail to appreciate all of your accomplishments because they’re chances to celebrate your own awesomeness.

Be Your Own Greatest Cheerleader 

Be kind to yourself. Treat yourself like you would treat a close friend because, after all, you deserve the best. Remember that self-care is just as crucial for happiness and mental health as it is for physical well-being. Don’t neglect this part of life; be good to yourself today and every day moving forward by practicing kindness towards yourself in everything you do (and don’t!) Do slip on some comfy clothes and give yourself time for pampering when needed. Don’t skip taking care of your emotional needs so that they become unaddressed issues down the road, which may potentially lead to depression. Even if it means calling in professionals, like psychotherapist services. Taking care of yourself is a priority. 

Surrounded By Happiness 

Surround yourself with other positive and uplifting individuals because they will only reinforce the good in your life. If someone is bringing down your mood or making it difficult for you to be happy, then take a step back from them so that you can maintain a more positive state of mind. You have no obligation to keep negativity in your life when there are so many beautiful opportunities out there just waiting for you to embrace them.

Beauty Sleep 

Get enough sleep every night because tiredness can have a negative impact on your mood and mind state, making it harder for you to be happy. The lack of sleep won’t just make you feel groggy all day long but also more stressed. You need at least eight hours of quality shut-eye each night to function properly. Avoid using technology (e.g., TV, phones) close to bedtime. The blue light emitted from these devices has been known to interfere with our body’s circadian rhythm and ability to get those much-needed Zzzzs before bedtime. Don’t give yourself less than seven hours of restful slumber if you want to feel your best tomorrow. However, do follow a relaxing bedtime routine to unwind and get yourself ready for the next day.

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto from Pexels

Make Time To Be Happy 

Take time out of each morning or afternoon to do whatever makes you happy. Whether it’s visiting friends, reading your favorite book, or watching Netflix in bed (just make sure you’re not staying up too late). Make time for yourself to do the things you love as soon as possible. If we allow our lives to fill up with too many other responsibilities, it takes longer for us to get around to doing what makes us happy. Life is all about balance, so make sure that your happiness doesn’t fall by the wayside! Instead, block out an hour or two each afternoon/morning specifically for things that bring you joy. Don’t spend this precious time procrastinating instead of doing something enjoyable. It’s only going to leave you feeling guilty down the road when there are more important tasks waiting patiently on your To-Do List.

A woman holding a smiley balloon and spreading good vibes

Want To Feel Healthier? Try These Tips

We all would like to feel healthier. But how do we get there? A balanced diet and exercising will be the obvious ways of doing so. As effective as these are, they’re not always an option.

If you’re not able to take advantage of these, then you might want to find other methods to look and feel healthier. There are a few things that you could consider. If you’re struggling with how to feel healthier, then check out some things below to keep in mind.

How To Feel Healthier

Don’t Compare Yourself To Others

A great way to feel healthy is to make sure that you know your body and its needs. When you’re doing so, you shouldn’t compare yourself to others. If you do so, you could end up concentrating on things that mightn’t be right or healthy for your body.

That could give you an unrealistic view of what’s possible for your body. If you pursue that, you could end up feeling more and more unhealthy over time. Avoid that at all costs.

Try Some CBD

More people have found how effective cannabidiol, otherwise known as CBD, can be for them. Multiple studies have highlighted the health benefits that it can offer. These span a wide range of areas. Some of the more minor include joint pains and muscle aches.

It can also help with some larger issues, including the symptoms of anxiety and depression. That could make it a recommended choice if you’re wondering how to feel healthier. There are some things you’ll want to consider if you take this route, however.

One of the more notable is finding the right dosage for you. There are several options available, but it’s worth starting off small with them. You might also be worried about the risk of a CBD overdose. This shouldn’t be possible, especially if you’re using high-quality products.

Dress Your Mood Up

There can often be days where you’d rather dress in your pajamas and not leave the house. While these days can often be necessary, you shouldn’t make this style your only style. Even if you don’t have to leave the house every day, it’s worth putting the effort into dressing up.

As minor as this might seem, it can have more of an impact on you than you might think. Over time, you could find that you’ll start feeling healthier and more positive over time. That could make it a recommended way to help look after your mental health.

Wrapping Up

Figuring out how to feel healthy can be difficult. Even if you exercise regularly and diet, you still mightn’t feel as healthy as you want. There could be multiple reasons why. Using each of the above could have a larger impact on this than you’d realize, despite how minor they might seem.

To properly see the benefits of these, it’s worth sticking with them for a while. The effects can often be minor at first, although you’ll see them start to grow rapidly over time.


Thoughts You Will Seriously Consider About The Art of Smiling

The saying goes that even if you are in a bad mood, smiling affects the brain and can make you happy the more you do it. Smiling is a beautiful experience that has facts that are backed up by both psychology and even science. According to experts, it is good for both mental and physical health which is one powerful strategy to stand by in our practice for well-being. Having the world smile back at you can be a great experience. even if you just post an emoticon with a large smile or a good laugh.

The Art Of The Smile

Social media may even become a little addicting for some. That is why you need to be careful about chasing the likes and rather attempt to live in the moment regardless of whether you decide to share them with others. The reason for this is because it may take away your serotonin and replace it with anxiousness or depression. Smiling and laughter is a very natural response for most people, especially in a comfortable setting that allows the joy to spread. It’s a very good thing because it is healthy for us. Regardless of whether you want to go to the dentist to perfect that smile and get dental implants or just give it a little tender loving care, try and own your smile with confidence. As they say, the secret to happiness is with a smile and some laughter.

What smiling does to your brain

There are numerous strategies to help you perfect your smile. As well as reasons why smiling is good for your health. Smiling tricks your brain into believing it is happier than it is, as many studies have shown to increase serotonin and productivity. It triggers those amazing feel-good chemicals we search for in our lives from our brain’s pleasure center. Smiling is known to be excellent for your brain and health. But it may be hazardous for your mental or emotional health in the long run if individuals use it to disguise how they feel all the time. Since you might never fully allow yourself to feel your emotions and process your ideas in a secure and supportive environment. Both aspects of smiling can have a significant role in a person’s happiness and life satisfaction.

What smiling means in different cultures

Smiling is good for you but in other countries, it may be interpreted differently. Understanding a smile from around different parts of the globe can give you an interesting take on what we may not give much consideration to at times. There have been a lot of studies surrounding expressing your happiness in different cultures around the world. According to certain research, the western culture is more vocal about their feelings and pleasure in general than certain cultural backgrounds found in the east. Smiling would be viewed differently depending on the situation and person you are conversing with. It all may also boil down to faking it so that you can feel that emotion and respect.


How to Rebalance Your Diet in a Healthy Way

Eating a healthy diet on a consistent basis is always easier said than done. We all want to eat well and look after our health, but we also have bad habits that hold us back and stop us from doing that sometimes. If you’ve been in a rut with your diet and it’s impacting your health, it might be time to rebalance.

There are lots of ways in which you can do that. Although it can be quite overwhelming when you’re not sure what to do or which approach to take. We’re going to discuss the right approach in more depth today.

So if you want to rebalance your diet and achieve a much healthier way of eating from day to day, we’re going to discuss that more below, so read on.

Get All the Major Food Groups in Your Diet

In order to properly balance your diet, you need to make sure that you’re giving your body a bit of everything it needs. A truly balanced diet will include a vast array of different types of foods, including fruit vegetables, carbs and protein. You need to make sure that you’re covering all of those bases from day to day if you want to make sure your diet really is as balanced as it can be. It’s something that most people want to get right but struggle to enact in reality, but it all starts by paying attention to those major food groups and getting them into your meals.

Don’t be Too Black and White When it Comes to Foods

There’s nothing wrong with eating food that might be considered bad if it’s done in moderation. That’s why you should avoid being too black and white when it comes to food. It’s not really true to say you can split foods into a good group and a bad group. It simply doesn’t work like that. If you want to make sure you get the most out of your diet, you should eat in moderation, eat what you enjoy but keep things generally healthy. That’s more sensible than trying to be too black and white about it.

Keep a Food Diary

If you’re not sure where you’ve been going wrong with your diet up to now, it might be a good idea to start keeping a food diary for a while. When you do that, you start to get a better idea of what you’ve been eating as a whole from day to day. When you can sit down and look at it, you might notice that you’re eating too much or too much of a certain type of food. It can be hard to see that with such clarity when you’re simply trying to remember what you ate; a food diary delivers that clarity.

Don’t Let Eating Out Derail You

Many people have great intentions when it comes to their diet and eating habits, and then it all goes badly wrong as soon as they’re not in their own kitchen. But just because you’re going out to a restaurant or eating at a friend’s house, that doesn’t mean you have to stop paying attention to the food you’re eating. Finding excuses for unhealthy choices won’t pay off for you in the end, so try and stay consistent. There’s always a healthy option on the menu you can opt for if you want to.

Look for Healthy Alternatives

If you often struggle to stay on track with your health because there are certain foods that you feel as if you simply can’t resist, it probably makes sense to look for some healthy alternatives to those foods. We all have certain foods we love no matter how unhealthy we know they are. But there are ways to swap out less than ideal foods for options that are at least a little more healthy. That’s something that you should at least give some thought and consideration to.

Keep an Eye on What You’re Drinking

It’s also a good idea to give some thought to the calories you might be consuming in the form of drinks. If you’re someone who drinks far too many sugar-filled drinks throughout the week, that’s going to have a big impact on your overall health and fitness. It’s a much better idea to stick to the sugar free options or, even better, simply stick to drinking water. You can’t go too far wrong if you just do that. It’s something to at least keep an eye on because if you get it wrong, you’ll end up consuming far more calories than you want to.

Speak to a Nutritionist

If you’re someone who’s always struggled to achieve a balanced diet and you’re not sure what’s at the core of these problems, one of the things you might want to do is speak to a nutritionist. There are lots of people out there who can help you with your diet and plan it correctly in a way that’s right for you. One of the best reasons to work closely alongside a nutritionist is the fact that they can get to know you and begin to understand your specific needs much better.

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Make Use of Meal Replacement Products

For many people, meal replacement bars and shakes can be a fantastic aid when it comes to losing weight. That doesn’t mean that you replace every meal, but it provides a way to cut out some extra calories at certain times, while still getting the nutrition you need. You should also look at granola bars and other healthy snacks to tide you over. We’ll talk more about that later. Be sure to explore these products and find the ones that you feel will work best for you. There’s plenty to consider and try out, so there’s something for everyone.

Stay Motivated

Staying motivated is often one of the most difficult things to do when you’re looking to improve your health and your diet. So think about why you’re doing this. What do you actually want to achieve by rebalancing your diet and what are the benefits you’ll feel as a result of doing so? These are the kinds of questions whose answers will be very personal to you. Only you are capable of finding the motivation that you really need, so it’s worth giving this some careful thought.

Stock Up on Healthy Snacks

Healthy snacks are really important when you’re trying to make progress with your diet goals. You’ll want to make sure that when hunger does strike, you’re not immediately reaching for foods that are no good for you and that will more than likely throw your diet plans completely off track. It doesn’t need to be that way, so make sure you have nuts, dried fruit and granola on hand to satisfy any hunger pangs you might experience during the day.

It’s a Marathon Not a Sprint

Finally, you should try to remember the fact that this is a marathon and not a sprint. You don’t need to see instant results overnight. Instead, it’s about making sustainable changes that’ll support your health for years and decades still to come.

Rebalancing your diet can be tough. But if you know that your diet has been poor recently and you know things need to change, the rebalancing tactics discussed above will help you out a lot. Before you know it, you’ll have a diet plan in place that’ll aid your overall health and provide you with the nutrition you need.


How Cannabis Could Affect Your Sleep

Cannabis has many different effects on the body. Depending on whether you are new to using cannabis or have been using it for a long time, your experience will vary. Cannabis affects people differently depending on their size, weight and genetics. Some of its expected effects include an increased appetite known colloquially as “the munchies”, reduced blood pressure, red eyes/dilated pupils and slower reaction times.

When it comes to sleep, though, there is no single set of reactions that apply equally across all users. In fact, some evidence suggests that cannabis can be used medicinally to improve sleep quality in patients with insomnia or other sleep disorders! The strain of cannabis you use may also have an impact on how it affects your sleep. For example, Indica Cannabis is more likely to have a sedative-like effect on you. Sativa Cannabis might increase energy and mental clarity. Always be sure to discuss these options with your healthcare provider or the dispensary supplying your Cannabis. 

NREM And REM Stages Of Sleeping

Before going into more detail about how cannabis affects sleep, let us talk a bit about the different stages of sleep. Without getting too scientific, it is essential to understand that there are two main types of sleep: NREM and REM. Non-rapid eye movement (NREM) occupies 75% of your sleep, whereas rapid eye movement (REM) makes up 25%.

In sleep, you have four progressively deeper stages as follows: drowsiness, light slumbering – when alpha waves begin to occur in our brainwaves; deep slumbering – where delta waves become predominant which is considered “true” or slow-wave sleep; then finally rem – also known as a paradoxical phase because during this phase our muscles become paralyzed while our brain becomes active, this is also when we experience dreams.

How Cannabis Affects Sleep Quality

Cannabis can be used medicinally to improve sleep quality in patients with insomnia or other sleep disorders. There are three primary ways that cannabis affects the sleep cycle: it reduces rapid eye movement (REM) latency, increases slow-wave deep sleep, and decreases the number of awakenings during the night, all big positives for getting a good nights’ rest! When you use any kind of medicine before bedtime, there may be some residual effects on your ability to fall asleep, but studies suggest that they dissipate after an hour or two. As far as improving the overall quantity of REM cycles throughout your slumbering hours, the research is promising!

In conclusion, although cannabis can have some residual effects that affect your ability to fall asleep or stay asleep throughout the night, it’s generally a good choice as far as sleep aids go. Compared with other options such as pharmaceuticals and alcohol, there are fewer side effects associated with using cannabis medicinally before bedtime. If you find yourself struggling to get a restful nights’ slumber, give medicinal cannabinoids a try.