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Welcome to my blog where you are free to interact in a safe, friendly place. I come here often to write about my writing journey, positive living, taking action and inspirations.

Here’s Why I Blog:

Writing helps me sort out life’s twists and turns. Life is certainly full of them, offering lessons at every bend in the road. With each curve I come across, a new message seems to stare me in the face, begging for me to take notice, learn from it, and move onward. If I didn’t write, I don’t know if I’d stop and listen to what life is trying to teach me. You see, I’m always on the lookout for interesting adventures to ponder and then reflect on through stories and blog posts. Writing books is my fuel, and exploring ideas through blogging is my catalyst.

Please feel free to explore past posts and join in the discussions.

Wishing you the best always!


live your best life podcast

Live Your Best Life | Tips from a Life Coach

Ever wonder what it would take to live your best life? To wake up in the morning and be excited to face the new day ahead? Life coach extraordinaire, Natalie Miller-Snell, of NMS Coaching, came onto my podcast, CurvesWelcome, and shared her top tips for how you can get started living your best life. No […]

personal care

Ways To Improve Your Personal Care

Personal care is more than just hair and clothing upkeep. It involves a whole range of aspects from mental wellbeing to hygiene and your body.

elderly relatives

Helping Elderly Relatives With Their Health

Helping our elderly relatives deal with their as they age can be challenging. As we age, our overall health and wellbeing often begins to deteriorate with each year.

Woman with headphones to improve hearing

Top Tips To Improve Your Hearing

Here are some helpful tips to help you improve your hearing. Let’s face it, your hearing is vital to your health and wellness. It shouldn’t be overlooked. And these simple tips can keep them safe and healthly for a long time.

woman smiling holding a balloon

4 Happy Ways To Smile More Often

Smiling regularly is the key to happiness. Okay, there are other factors to consider, but it’s incredible how effective baring your teeth is. Did you know smiling lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, and elevates your mood?

A man and woman conversing

How to Converse with Anyone

You can learn to converse with anyone by following a few helpful tips.

Woman writes in a journal.

A Look Back and A Look Ahead

As I reflect back on this year, I’ve learned some things about myself. I learned that I’m not defined by any one project or milestone in life. I’m the sum of every action I’ve ever put out into this world. And that offers me great hope that yesterday doesn’t equal today and today doesn’t equal tomorrow. Every day is a fresh new start.

Skincare tricks for women

Skincare Tricks That Will Have You Glowing Fast

As winter approaches, we all crave to know some skincare tricks to help us get that glowing skin. I mean, who doesn’t want a gorgeous, glowing complexion to rival that of a newborn baby?

Improve your mood through smiling more

Ways To Improve Your Mood In 30 Seconds

Feeling a little low currently and wanting to improve your mood? We all have moments in life where we’re not feeling our usual selves.

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