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Welcome to my blog where you are free to interact in a safe, friendly place. I come here often to write about my sapphic writing journey, positive living, taking action and inspirations.

Here’s Why I Blog:

Writing helps me sort out life’s twists and turns. Life is certainly full of them, offering lessons at every bend in the road. With each curve I come across, a new message seems to stare me in the face, begging for me to take notice, learn from it, and move onward. If I didn’t write, I don’t know if I’d stop and listen to what life is trying to teach me. You see, I’m always on the lookout for interesting adventures to ponder and then reflect on through stories and blog posts. Writing books is my fuel, and exploring ideas through blogging is my catalyst.

Please feel free to explore past posts and join in the discussions.

Wishing you the best always!


vision board

Succeed with a Vision Board

A vision board is a visual representation of things and circumstances we want to attract.
I look at vision boards as a playground for my dreams.


Opportunity Is Everywhere

Opportunity is everywhere. Some opportunities are grand. Some are so small we can easily overlook them. Many people refer to those who seem to have it all as lucky.

overcome procrastination

3 Steps to Overcome Procrastination

To overcome procrastination is tricky. All of us Usually we procrastinate because we either don’t want to do an unpleasant task or we fear it.

freedom and love

The Magic Formula: Freedom and Love

Freedom and love go hand in hand. To love someone is to become a part of the success, a part of the joy, a part of the magic.

setting priorities

How to Set Priorities

To set priorities is crucial, especially if you want to move forward. Determining your top three will help you focus and stick to them!


My Experience with Bullies

I’ve had an experience with bullies. It changed me. Thankfully, it didn’t destroy me. It actually turned me into a stronger person. I was a lucky one.


7 Actions to Stop Puppy Mills

If we could stop puppy mills, we would put an end to one of the worst of the worst places you could ever imagine a lovable dog should ever have to spend his/her life.


3 Ways to Improve Your Life

Improve your life…sounds intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. If you’re like most people, you want to be at your best because deep down you know you can’t bring out the best in others.


How to get Creative through Freewriting

Freewriting is a great way to spark your creativity. The benefits are numerous.  When I write my lesbian romance novels, I freewrite every time.

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