Having a disability can make you more dependent on the help of others. This is because the world is largely designed to meet the needs of able-bodied people and not to meet the needs of those with disabilities. That said, things are improving and there are now more tools and resources out there that can make achieving independence possible. Below are just some of the ways to live more independently with a disability. 

Embrace modern technology

New technology is constantly being introduced to help make the lives of those with disabilities easier. Smart technology can allow things like lighting and heating to be controlled remotely. Newer wheelchairs are more compact and nimble for negotiating tight spaces, with some even offering raised seats that allow easier access to higher surfaces. An exoskeleton for disabled people even exists, helping those with spinal injuries to physically walk again. On top of this technology, there are many free apps and software that can benefit those with disabilities. Refusing to embrace newer tech could be stopping you from being as independent as you can be.

Research and plan ahead

Having a disability can often mean having to do a lot more research and planning. New technology can be very expensive to implement – you want to be sure that whatever you invest in is worthwhile, so make sure to read reviews and get a thorough understanding of the product. When it comes to making journeys on your own, planning ahead is vital. Plan out every step of the route and do your research to find out if there is disabled access when visiting a new place. If information isn’t available online or through an app, be prepared to ring up

Take advantage of financial support

Having a disability is expensive – from specialist equipment to regular taxi journeys, there are so many extra costs to budget for. This is why you should always take advantage of financial support wherever you can find it. On top of looking into government grants and benefits, don’t be afraid to explore charity funding options. There are also many companies and attractions that offer discounts to those with disabilities – always look into these in advance so that you’re not paying regular rates. This can all help to make living with a disability more affordable. 

Know your rights

There are times when it’s important to speak up and exercise your rights. When it comes to finding work, it’s important that an employer is able to cater to your basic needs – unless your disability physically stops you from doing something, you shouldn’t be denied certain opportunities. When visiting new places such as restaurants or shops, you should also speak up about any problems you may notice. For instance, if a restaurant has poor disabled access, you should let the company know about this. This type of action helps everyone with a disability by making sure that necessary improvements are made.