The status of your health is obviously of extreme importance. Understanding what is going on in your body can be the difference between feeling good and not. Your health can be mysterious sometimes. It can be hard to decide whether you’re healthy or not, especially if you hold a different opinion about yourself compared to what you see almost everywhere online. 

It’s key to get to know your own health a bit more. It’s not as hard as you might think. Knowing more about yourself is only ever a good thing. You know what you can do, what you struggle with, and you know how to take care of yourself. And it may require some courage to see someone about a problem. 

Check the Status of Your Health

Below is a small list of questions to ask, to really reveal what’s going on with your health right now. If you’re truly worried about something, talk to your doctor about your concerns.

What are Your Energy Levels Like?

The first thing to think about are your energy levels. Are you able to get on with your day the way you want to? Do you fall asleep fast when you hit the hay at the end of the day? Are you always snoozing when you’re traveling in a passenger seat? Do you need to take regular naps to keep yourself topped up? 

Questions like these can be very revealing. Things like your natural metabolic rate, or your natural need for sleep can be very different to someone else’s, but an excess of any of the above behaviors can be a worry. They mostly point towards a ‘sleep debt’, but they can also be a topic for a doctor to go over as well. 

What’s Your Hearing Like?

Your hearing is an often ignored element of your five senses. Indeed, a loss of hearing can be subtle, and hearing itself can be slow to change over time based on your day to day interactions. Of course, if you work in a very noisy environment, or you listen to loud music on a regular basis, your hearing level could dip a lot faster than is average. 

And if you’re someone who already uses a hearing aid, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on how much the aid is helping you. Some people like to believe that the hearing restoration granted by such aids is 100%, but the truth is often far from this. But all in all, make sure you get your ears tested at least every 10 years, and try not to take any hearing loss lightly. 

What’s Your Diet Like?

Now it’s time to ask yourself, ‘Am I eating enough?’ Don’t think about your diet in too much detail here – think about how you feel inside. Ask yourself: 

Are you always hungry, sleeping badly, or often ‘hangry’? Because these are all signs your nutrition level is low, and even with a well intentioned diet, you could be doing your brain and body a disservice. 

The status of your health can be confusing to keep up with. Check in with yourself using questions like those above.