When you talk about your health, you take control over it. There are aspects of health that we are more than willing to accept as we age because, to some extent, a decline in health is a natural part of life. However, the big problem we all have now is that if we consider certain afflictions to be part of growing old, but we suffer from them at a young age, we may feel humiliated when it comes to talking about them.

But, given that there are so many ailments that we all feel embarrassed about, perhaps it is time to break this stigma? Here are some common health symptoms to look out for.

#1 An increased sense of stress

Most of us experience stress at one point or another in our lives but if you see people who appear to be unable to function, a part of you may believe that they are simply complaining, especially if they do so on social media. However, prolonged stress is more than just a little bit of anxiety; it affects so many aspects of your life, causing headaches, anxiety, sleep difficulties, and even digestive problems.

It is critical to consult with your doctor to ensure that you are on the right track to get rid of this. Counseling, medicine, or a course of therapy such as CBT may be required. Finally, a lot of stress is a killer, and you should not be ashamed to talk about it, especially if other people think you complain a lot on the internet!

#2 Loss of sex drive

When we are young, it is assumed we are all having plenty of fun in the bedroom. But is it like that for everyone, all of the time? Well, no, it isn’t. There are lots of reasons why people of all ages may experience a loss of sex drive. Often this is tiredness or because of mental health issues such as depression or anxiety. Other times it can be something in the relationship – a lack of intimacy or communication. Getting to the bottom of it and dealing with whatever is causing the problem will go a long way towards dealing with it. 

#3 A decline in hearing

Hearing problems, which you might think are limited to people over the typical retirement age are more prevalent than you might think. Hearing problems are more common in people who grew up listening to loud music through headphones all day, every day or attending loud music concerts or night clubs. Furthermore, issues such as tinnitus and glue ear can appear earlier in life.
However, it is far from something to be embarrassed about.   You should protect your ears if you haven’t already, but hearing aids aren’t the big, bulky devices of yesteryear. In fact, you have much more control over choosing a hearing aid. They are extremely subtle, and if it is a way for you to feel like you are a part of a conversation, rather than feeling that sense of isolation and loneliness, they are extremely effective.