While nursing is a noble job, it often isn’t paid that way. Sometimes, you could need extra money to pay the bills or for something else. You naturally wouldn’t want to quit nursing, but you might want to find something like it.

That’s where nursing-related side hustles come in. They’ll let you earn more money while still using your nursing experience.

You can fit many of these side hustles around your main job, and can pay relatively well. They’re well worth considering because of that. It’s worth diving into some of the better side hustles you can consider.

They could even make you feel better about yourself.

Nursing-Related Side Hustles: 5 Top Picks

  1. Health Coach

You’ll naturally want to help people look after their health. That’s why a health coach can be one of the better-recommended nursing-related side hustles. It lets you help people look after their health while allowing you to make a decent amount of money with it. You can even work it around your current schedule.

With some effort, you can get as many clients as you want. Since these will all pay a decent bit per hour, you could have a relatively large side income. It could even end up surpassing your nursing wage. It can be appealing for that reason alone.

Selling CBD

Some of the more profitable side hustles involve selling something. As a nurse, you’ll want this to be health-related, but you might have trouble picking the right things to sell. CBD can be one of the more notable for various reasons. You shouldn’t even need to put too much effort into setting all of this up.

With a website, some CBD payment processing systems, and more, you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. After that, it’s as simple as advertising what you’re selling, and you’ll have nothing to worry about. You could end up making more than you’d think with it.

Health Blogger

Blogging is one of the more notable nursing-related side hustles you can consider. By writing about topics that concern nurses, you can lean on your expertise and skills. Using this, you can create a relatively active reader base that you can monetize. It’s one of the easier ways you can make money with your experience.

All you’ll need for this is a website to blog on, and you can set this up relatively quickly. After that, it’s a matter of writing about what your primary audience will like. In time, you can start bringing in advertisers and sponsors, letting you earn a decent bit of money.


Podcasting has long been a great side hustle, and you could make more from it than you would’ve thought. You mightn’t even need to put too much time or effort into it. By focusing on nursing-related topics, you should already have all the information you need.

You can talk about various nursing issues, as well as patient-centric topics. The amount of things you could discuss on these podcasts is almost unparalleled. You can get sponsors for your shows, translating into more revenue than you would’ve thought.

With how effective this can be as a side hustle, you’ve no reason not to try it.

Part-Time Caregiver

As a nurse, you’ll naturally want to help people in need. That doesn’t always mean working in a hospital or similar environment. Sometimes, it’s a matter of helping people in their own homes. You can do this as a caregiver, and there are plenty of part-time roles you can pick up.

You could take on as many or as few clients as you want so that you can work it around your current schedule. The pay is also good, and you can earn a decent amount per hour. You’ll already be responsible for relatively similar duties to your current role, so you shouldn’t have much to worry about with this.

Nursing-Related Side Hustles: Wrapping Up

With some nursing-related side hustles, you can create another income stream without needing to up-skill or re-skill. Your current experience and job could make these relatively easy to get. With its benefits, there’s no reason not to consider a few of them.

Whether you have an unexpected bill or something you want to save up for, you shouldn’t have a problem with a few specific side hustles. They could even be easier to do than you would’ve thought. There shouldn’t be anything getting in your way.