calm during a crisis

4 Simple Strategies For Keeping Calm During a Crisis

Life is full of unknowns, making it critical to find ways to keep calm during a crisis. Let’s face it, we all react differently during moments of crisis. Some of us freeze, develop anxiety attacks, go blank, or develop chronic stress.

While there’s no right or wrong way to respond to turmoil in your life, there are effective strategies sure to keep you calm during a crisis. 

No matter the problem you’re going through, these six tips will help you feel settled even at your worst.

Calm Your Physical Body

Regardless of the situation you face, crises always cause shock, overthinking, and sometimes less than desirable reactions. When dealing with problems, it is better to calm your physical body to ensure your mind settles and it can think. While there’s an on-going debate on hemp oil vs. CBD oil and their ability to calm nerves down, below are some tried and tested methods.


When done correctly, breathing helps manage anxiety attacks and emotional situations effectively. When you want to stay calm during a crisis, you must focus on breathing. During anxious moments, we often take short, quick breaths that hamper our ability to calm down.

Using the three-part technique, you can immediately improve your mood and feel calmer. Here’s how it goes:

  • Take a once off deep breath and exhale
  • Continue Inhaling and exhaling at the equal intervals
  • Start taking in fewer breaths and exhaling more

Challenge Your Thought Pattern

Most dead-end situations begin in your mind. The things you continuously think about become part of you and influence your behavior. If you always think about worrying cases, you’ll never experience total calmness in your life.

Instead, focus on becoming a more positive person both mentally and in your actions, and you’ll feel calmer even during problems.


Fear, despair, and hurt tucked up inside do you no justice. In fact, such negative emotions are toxic to your overall health.

Finding suitable ways to release all the tension is an effective way of physically calming your body. You can run, jog or engage in an activity that will help you progressively calm down and express yourself.

Listen to music

Music is food for the soul, and it often has a healing effect when you connect with the lyrics. Listening to smooth rhythms and awesome beats helps prevent the tension and stress from building up during turmoil.

Take a Step Back to Stay Calm During a Crisis

When facing a crisis head-on, you hardly have sufficient knowledge, let alone the skill to tackle it to completion. Instead of allowing yourself to suffer, it is best to get out of the situation first and think later.

After you’re out, you now have the chance to critically reflect on what you can or should have done during the periods of crisis.

Distractions sometimes offer the best option of getting your mind off problems. Go for a run or watch your favorite TV show to try and keep your thoughts occupied.

Look for Solutions to Your Crisis

When a crisis hits, some see the opportunity, while others look at it as a disaster. When you’re optimistic, you’ll realize that it’s a chance to look for new solutions for the problems you currently face or seek readily available remedies.

Through simple research, you can derive a lot of valuable information that may be of help to your current predicament.

The easiest way to get instant results from your efforts is:

Start Broad, and Narrow down.

Although a crisis may seem too far out of reach to you, the solution may lie on the first page of Google or Wikipedia. When there’s no sign of any useful findings, go deeper into your research and use advanced methods to find viable solutions.

Be Organized

Useful research relies on having an organized mindset. You can’t be undertaking non-essential matters like chatting and social media and expect to keep the focus.

Instead, let your moments of perusing be analytical and organized such that the flow is seamless.

Rely on Credible Sources

Before quickly moving to apply any answers you get for your questions, ensure that the information you’re about to implement in real life is accurate. Incorrect details may add fuel to the fire and make the crisis escalate further.

Before incorporating any new solutions, you should always confirm the credibility of this piece of information by verifying it with other reputable sources.

If there’s no record of such information anywhere else on the web, it is better to seek other options.

Expect Weird Answers

When you search the internet and books for answers, expect to find weird solutions to your problems, some you’ve never heard of before. If there’s nothing new under the sun, there must be an answer somewhere for every challenge.

Journaling to Keep You Calm During a Crisis

When you’re amidst a crisis, it may seem like an inopportune time to scribble down anything considering your mind is in a feeble state. The stress, pressure, and anxiety in your mind prevent you from thinking clearly.

However, writing down your intricate feelings, no matter the form or order, helps significantly reduce anxiety and gives you a better perspective.

Whether you use a computer, pad, or just the ordinary pen and paper, here’s how to effectively journal, especially during a crisis:

Start With Your Insecurities

Whenever you think about what you’re going through, specific aspects leave you worried and anxious. Detailing your inner insecurities and expressing them openly and emotionally feels much like talking to someone.

Recall the Moment

Take your mind back to the moment when it all happened. Write down the specific details of how the problem occurred, the part you played, and your first reaction immediately after learning about the catastrophe.

Doing this will help you process the events faster and give you a clearer understanding of the way things occurred and forge a strategy of moving forward.

Come Up with Solutions

After continuous scribbling of emotions and happenings, critically read your work and analyze every scenario deriving useful takeaways and thinking of viable solutions for moving forward with your life.

Besides, the most persuasive form of writing isn’t about total ranting but lessons too.

Final Thoughts

A crisis takes you by surprise, and most times, its effect is significant and felt years down the line. It is hard to focus on anything else other than your safety and that of your loved ones during these tumultuous times.

However, you must be in a state of calm to effectively assist anyone else. Use the above tips to keep the peace regardless of the type of crisis you’re currently battling in your life.

Remember, there’s life beyond every problem.

Feel better about life

Is It Time to Feel Better About Life? Here’s how.

We get to a point in our lives where we want to feel better about life. It may be that you feel zapped of energy, bloated and lethargic, and negative and unconfident. These things can make you feel less than adequate. It doesn’t have to be this way though. You can change the way you feel and start to feel good about yourself. This can be as simple as implementing some positive lifestyle changes. 

Maybe you’re not sure what changes you can and should make and whether they’ll positively impact you. There are several things that you can do to feel much better about yourself. With that in mind, here are some of the things you could consider doing. 

Change your diet

One of the first things you can consider to feel better about life is to change your diet. Is your current diet unbalanced? If so, consider eating a full range of the food groups. What you put into your body is ultimately what you get out of it. Furthermore, a complete diet change could be on the cards if you believe it will help and thus enter into it already motivated. You can choose from many approaches like Keto, Paleo, vegetarianism, or a vegan diet. Once you’re in a new diet, monitor things like your energy levels, skin condition, and sleep quality. Then tweak it if need be.

Give up alcohol

Alcohol is one of those things that many people enjoy when socializing or relaxing in their home. A small glass of wine here, a bottle of beer there, it can all seem harmless. While there is nothing wrong with indulging in a few alcoholic beverages here and there, overconsumption is not healthy. Through applying more self-control, you’ll begin to see improvements with your health and lifestyle just by managing your intake.

Look after your skin

One of the easiest things to help you feel better is to focus on your skin. There can be many different factors that affect your skin like overall health, environment, and hygiene. If you are seeking to improve your skin health, ramp up your skincare routine. Experiment with different products and brands, such as Aesop skincare for example. Another action you can take towards better skin health is to improve your skincare routine. Try to cleanse and moisturize daily. Have fun with a new face mask a few times a week. And drink plenty of water to help improve skin tone. 

Get more sleep

Another way to feel better about life is to ensure you are getting adequate quality sleep. After quality rest, you’ll feel amazing. The goal is to get uninterrupted sleep and establishing a bedtime routine to transition into sleep time. A warm drink before bed, no screen time and devices, and a good book could make the world of difference. 

Exercise more

Exercising is a great way to feel better about life. After all, exercise offers a healthy dose of endorphins. This gives you that triumphant and happy feeling. However, if you are new to exercising, you may feel overwhelmed by soreness, waning of motivation, and establishing a routine. Start off small. Begin by making the decision to be a little more active each day. Take a walk, join a gym, or do yoga in place of watching television.

Focus on your mindset

Finally, focus on your mindset. This is the biggest tool you have because the mind is powerful. It can hinder your chances of doing anything such as changing your lifestyle or exercising due to a negative thought process. Work on your mind by focusing on positive thinking and feeling grateful for all the things you have going well in your life. It can make a huge difference in helping you to feel better about life. 

Workplace safety

Keeping The People At Your Workplace Safe

Keeping people safe at work is a hugely important thing to do. Let’s take a look at some of the most important of these that you might want to focus on.

stay active

Can You Stay Active During A Global Pandemic?

As the coronavirus pandemic shows little sign of abating just yet, it can be challenging to see how we can stay active. When the initial wave of Covid panic struck, people knuckled down and stayed at home. As further lockdowns have been put into place, more people are finding themselves staring at their four walls. Gyms are no longer open. It’s trickier than ever to find the time to yourself to head off on a jog. And you can’t partake in a spin class. Your exercise regime may have gone bye-bye and you are worrying about your weight, your muscle tone, and your stamina. Follow this guide and consider how you can stay active during a global pandemic.

Use Your Garden

If the weather is pleasant, the sun is out, and the balmy air is conducive to some outdoor exercise, don’t stay indoors. The allure of the latest Netflix box set might be real but it is crucial that you find the motivation to get outdoors. You could use your garden to set up some circuits. While you might not have gym standard equipment, some rope arm exercises alongside some weights, squats, a yoga mat, and a skipping rope could help you to complete a HIIT circuit. Alternatively, if your garden is large enough, you and your little brood could set up a fun obstacle course or you might fancy doing a mock running bleep test!

Get To The Park

Many people are struggling to get their exercise fix during the global pandemic. If you are missing the gym, think about getting in touch with a personal trainer. While you won’t be able to use gym facilities, personal trainers have shifted their business model so they are meeting people in parks. They will still consider your fitness goals and work out a plan to help you achieve your aims. You might want to lose three inches from your waist. You might want to train for a marathon. Or you might want to become a bodybuilder. A personal trainer can help you. They will have all of the equipment you need and you could spend a couple of hours a week with them. They will be Covid secure and help you train in a safe way. This can give you something to look forward to and this can be one of the many simple ways to do more exercise during the current international health crisis.

Time With The Family

If you have offspring, the chances are that they are active little human beings. Get more involved and spend time with them. Consider making the sot of what you can do when following the Covid rules and get driving to some places of interest. Do a family hike in a national park, head to the coast for an active day at the beach or have a barbecue and a picnic with some games in the park. Spending quality time with the family is one benefit of the coronavirus crisis so make the most of it and as active as possible with your brood.

Staying active can be tough during a pandemic. However, follow this guide and you can still get your gym bunny kicks.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain Isn’t The End Of The World: Here’s How To Cope

Have you recently found yourself struggling with a pain that just won’t go away? You might be worried that this is going to become a constant issue in your life. Or worse. Maybe you feel it is a sign of something more serious. It’s important to understand that these days, chronic pain is quite common. Indeed, 40 million people in the USA alone are believed to suffer from some form of chronic pain. That being said, let’s look at some ideas on how to handle it.

Speak To A Doctor

Your first step should always be to speak to a doctor. This is important if you don’t have any idea what might be causing your chronic pain. It’s always best to get it checked out and make sure that there aren’t any more worrying concerns lurking beneath the surface. For instance, if you have pain in your stomach that won’t go away, this can be a symptom of a variety of different medical conditions. 

Move Around More

Do note that chronic pain can be caused by not moving around enough. Research does suggest that if you don’t live a particularly active lifestyle, then you may develop pain in parts of your body. This is just a sign that you’re not using your muscles and joints enough. They grow stiff and this can lead to further problems such as inflammation. One of the ways to handle this will be by starting an exercise routine. This doesn’t need to be massively strenuous. It can be something simple like a few pushups and situps each morning. 

Address The Physical Cause 

You might find that there is a physical cause for your chronic pain. Usually, this will be related to inflammation. If that’s the case, then you might want to explore physical treatment options. Research shows that chiropractic treatment from companies like Unwind Health can provide a tremendous level of relief for those who are suffering from chronic pain in places like their back. If you are worried about issues with back pain, then it might be worth thinking about speaking to one of these professionals. 

You might also want to consider exploring medicine to treat your chronic pain. Be aware that you don’t have to use typical medicine. Instead, you could explore herbal solutions such as THC. Again, this is effective when treating chronic pain. 

Make Lifestyle Changes

Finally, you might find that your chronic pain is tied to elements of your lifestyle that you need to change. For instance, it’s possible that you spend too long typing at your desk without breaks during work. If that’s the case, then you might want to think about investing in some ergonomic furniture to offer relief. 

We hope this helps you understand everything you need to know when you are trying to deal with your chronic pain the right way. If you take the key steps here, you can make sure that it doesn’t become a constant burden in your life. 

health concerns

Why You Should Always Get Health Concerns Checked

There’s no such thing as being too safe when it comes to your health. You should always be making sure you do the best you can for yourself. While it’s not likely, illnesses and sickness can pop up in everyday life. You never know what you’ve been exposed to. This doesn’t mean you should be overly cautious with the activities you do. But there are things to consider throughout your business, like how you handle germs, keep your hygiene, and interact with others.


A lot of the time, it’s easier to ignore weird or unusual feelings and pass them off as a one-off thing. But sometimes you should show them some concern, and keep a close eye on them. What might seem like a simple ache or pain, could develop into something more and worse. Something that you could have avoided if you had checked. That’s not to say you should go to the doctor over every concern, but paying attention to your body and possible symptoms is important.

Who to go to

Well, if you’re looking to get the best treatment, you should seek out a specialist. That means going to an ENT if you’re experiencing problems with your hearing or sinuses. Or a different specialist who’s trained in your symptoms. If you’re unsure of who to see, maybe seeing your GP first to get referred elsewhere is the best option for you.

It’s generally recommended not to diagnose yourself, as symptoms can be caused by a broad range of things. You may be having aches from poor sleep, and a quick self-diagnosis will tell you that your organs are failing. You should leave the diagnosis to a professional.

Look out for yourself

Even if you’re not currently at risk of falling ill, that doesn’t mean you should be careless with your health. You should be doing your best to keep yourself healthy and keep the risks as low as possible. 

First of all, getting the right amount of sleep is vital for your mental and physical health. Missing out on sleep lowers your immune system. It can also hinder the way that you think and make decisions. This can make you more susceptible to stress.

Secondly, you should drink enough water throughout the day. While water isn’t going to stop you from getting sick, it’s going to benefit your physical health. This will help keep your internal organs healthy. 

Lastly, taking care of your hygiene can make all the difference. Frequently washing your hands, and making sure to avoid situations where you feel like germs can spread.

Looking out for your health is important, especially today where looking out for yourself means looking out for those around you. Getting sick means putting those close to you at risk of getting sick also. So if you’re not doing it for yourself, do it for others.

elderly relatives

Helping Elderly Relatives With Their Health

Helping our elderly relatives deal with their as they age can be challenging. As we age, our overall health and wellbeing often begins to deteriorate with each year. It becomes harder and harder to take good care of ourselves. Issues such as immobility and poor memory can have a profound effect on our ability to stay independent.

Watching an elderly relative suffer through such a struggle can be difficult to bear. You’ll yearn to help them maintain good health for as long as possible to keep their presence in your life. Looking after an elderly relative needn’t be as complex as you might expect. There are a few key areas in which you can focus your efforts to ensure they can feel physically and mentally fit for as long as possible. So, if you would like to find out more, then read on to uncover some of the best tips and tricks that you can make the most of today!

A Good Diet Is Key 

When we reach a certain age, the act of visiting a grocery store to buy food, preparing and cooking a meal, and washing up your utensils afterward can become too much to bear. Whether this is due to boredom of repetition, poor memory, or a physical inability to do so, failing to consume a healthy, balanced diet can wreak havoc. It can have a knock on effect on almost every aspect of our mental and physical wellbeing. Making sure that you help your elderly relative to consume a nutritious, balanced diet can have a dramatic impact on the way that they feel. They can experience an increase in energy levels, improved sleep, and even fewer mood swings if they cut their sugar intake.

The best diet that any individual can pursue is one which is made up of natural whole foods, including complex carbohydrates, lean protein, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Saying goodbye to anything that appears over-processed or mass-manufactured is key.

A great way to support your elderly relative in eating well involves cooking up a few big batches of nutritious food. This can be as simple as chilli that can be frozen and reheated with ease. There are also many dedicated food delivery services that exist exclusively for the elderly, dropping off healthy meals right to their door for a real no-fuss approach. 

Staying Social 

As we age we may fall victim to increased isolation. It can become far more difficult to stay social when we aren’t particularly mobile or suffer from an ailment that affects our ability to stay both active and alert. Helping your elderly relative to stay social will provide them with a whole host of benefits. After all, being stuck indoors with nothing to keep them occupied for weeks on end can cause mental distress. Make an effort to visit them as much as you can. Bring other guests with you so that they get to experience a few different faces every now and then. Invite them out when feasible, perhaps for a spot of lunch or a slice of cake in the early afternoon. Make them feel valued and appreciated with these little moments.

Help With Healthcare 

Helping your elderly relative with their healthcare commitments will ensure they are styaing proactive. There are many side effects that come with aging. There’s also a wide variety of treatments and solutions that can help to relieve their discomfort. First of all, booking a visit with a hearing instrument specialist can help you to learn more about hearing aids and find out whether such an investment would be of benefit for your elderly relative. Experiencing any kind of hearing loss or deafness has a profound effect on quality of life. A simple hearing aid can solve all of their worries in one simple step. In addition, visiting opticians and eye care specialists will help your elderly relative to maintain good vision, further boosting their independence.

Helping elderly relatives take great care of their health has never been so simple. With just a few helpful actions, you’ll both feel a lot better about the future!

Woman with headphones to improve hearing

Top Tips To Improve Your Hearing

Here are some helpful tips to help you improve your hearing. Let’s face it, your hearing is vital to your health and wellness. It shouldn’t be overlooked. And these simple tips can keep them safe and healthly for a long time. Our hearing health is something many of us take for granted until it either starts to deteriorate slowly due to age or suddenly due to a single event or an illness. Keep reading to learn how you can protect yourself.

Keep The Volume Button On Low

Firstly, it’s a good idea to keep your volume button on low. It’s something that many of us are guilty of turning up. When you hear a good song on the radio or perhaps tune into a playlist while running, we tend to crank the volume. Although it’s great to turn up the volume to help with motivation or improving your mood, you should keep it at a safe level. A lot of these devices will have recommended guidance levels to make sure you’re not going over the decibels that will likely damage your ears.

It’s worth learning about noise levels and everyday sounds you might encounter. Try to keep your volume button on low and remember what number is a good setting to come back down to if you’ve turned it up on occasion.

Clean Your Ears With Care

Cleaning your ears is definitely important when it comes to your hearing. It’s essential that you maintain your ear hygiene so they won’t be prone to infections. When you leave water in your ear or get anything in there that could inflame the ear canal, it’s going to potentially cause lasting damage. The more ear infections you have, the more damage it could potentially do to the level of sound and noise you’ll be able to hear.

A lot of hearing-related problems are gradual, and so it’s not something you might notice suddenly. Keep in tune with your ears, especially when stepping out of the shower or going swimming. Under no circumstances, should you stick anything inside of them. Simply tilt your head to the side and dab with a towel to decrease the water in them. And seek the expertise of an ENT doctor to properly and safely clean impacted ears.

Get Your Hearing Checked Regularly

Hearing health is something that is worth getting checked out regularly. Usually, it’s worth getting your hearing checked at least once a year, and moreso if you feel like you may be experiencing any ear health issues. By getting them checked once a year, like other medical checks, you may be able to help with a problem earlier on. It’s best to catch something at the beginning than just leaving it and hoping that it won’t get any worse.

Consider Hearing Aids

Hearing aids aren’t what they used to be. They’re no longer these big, chunky eye-sores that many would have avoided out of embarrassment. You’ll be pleased to know that hearing aids now come in all shapes and sizes. From ones that are still like the traditional hearing aids and others that are so small, you can’t even see them unless you knew they were there. 

Don’t deny yourself clearer hearing. You can learn more and find resources for hearing aids online very easily nowadays.

Don’t Expose Yourself To Loud Environments Too Often

It’s important to not expose yourself to loud environments too often because this can be a big cause of hearing loss. It’s especially true for those who may work in loud environments and perhaps don’t wear protective gear. Protect your ears in loud environments by wearing earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. It’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t want to lose your hearing from one singular event like a concert, for example.

Follow these tips to improve your hearing and to protect it from the dangers that might be out there threatening to damage the quality of your life.

woman smiling holding a balloon

4 Happy Ways To Smile More Often

Smiling regularly is the key to happiness. Okay, there are other factors to consider, but it’s incredible how effective baring your teeth is. Did you know smiling lowers your blood pressure, boosts your immune system, and elevates your mood? 

Most people don’t understand why it’s essential to smile. However, now that you do, all you have to think about is encouraging your face to do it more often. It’s not as if you’re grumpy; it’s more smiling is reflexive, so it’s hard to do purposely.

Thankfully, there are ways to trick your body into it, and they are outlined below.

Be Around People

You don’t smile when you’re on your own because you don’t interact. Sure, some people talk to themselves and others laugh at what they hear on the TV or radio, but it isn’t the same. Socializing instantly boosts your mood by motivating you to do something fun and exciting. As a result, the odds of smiling are much higher. Plus, your support group is people who make you laugh and feel love. So, by being around them, you’ll have extra opportunities to crack out your teeth when they say something caring or outrageous.

Smile At Strangers

Smiling at strangers seems quite serial killer-esque, especially if you live in a big city. You can imagine the looks small-town folks get in places like NYC and LA! Still, there’s nothing wrong with being respectful. This is particularly true when you make eye contact. Staring at someone is weirder than smiling at them. Therefore, if you do find yourself locking peepers with a total stranger, you can style it out by smiling. They usually return the favor, which makes everyone happy, and encourages you to try it more often.

Target Your Insecurities

Everybody has flaws, and it’s wrong to focus on every little thing that you believe is wrong with your appearance. What you dislike, other people will love. However, some issues play with your mental health to the point where you can’t ignore them and they hurt your self-esteem. In this case, it’s worth taking action. This is doubly true of men and women who don’t like their smile because a dentist can offer expert advice. Whether it’s cosmetic treatments or using a different toothpaste, you’ll love the image staring back at you in the mirror. As a result, you won’t be able to stop smiling!

Be Thankful

Being thankful is challenging when you don’t have an occasion to give thanks. Still, the fourth Thursday in November doesn’t have a monopoly on appreciation. Just leaving the house and going outside can make you aware of how fortunate you are, and why you should be happy and smiley. Studies prove that the sun and sea equal happiness. When times are tough, you can concentrate on the positives, such as your job, home, and family. Focusing on the negatives is tempting, but it will only drag you down. Focus on the positives to smile more and benefit from all the incredible advantages.

How will you regularly try and crack a smile?

Skincare tricks for women

Skincare Tricks That Will Have You Glowing Fast

As winter approaches, we all crave to know some skincare tricks to help us get that glowing skin. I mean, who doesn’t want a gorgeous, glowing complexion to rival that of a newborn baby? Beautiful skin can help us to feel so much more confident. Not only that, skincare is crucial to our overall health and well being! Taking care of your skin will ensure you avoid sun damage and the problems that come with it. If you want to know what you can do to begin glowing like a goddess, read on for skincare tricks you’ll swear by.

Double Cleanse 

Double cleansing is a must, especially if you wear makeup/SPF. Even if you don’t, cleansing twice can ensure your skin is super clean and bouncy and ready for the application of treatments, toners, and creams. You just don’t want to use anything too hard if you’re going to double cleanse, After all, this could strip your skin and make it dry. Or alternatively, it could increase oil production and make it greasy. You need to find a balance without compromising your skin barrier. It’s a good idea to use a creamy, hydrating cleanser as your first cleanse. hen use a slightly more foamy cleanser as your second cleanse. Make sure you avoid using hot water on your face, and use a clean flannel to remove everything properly! 

Know Your Skin Type 

Your skin type will impact the sort of products you use. Mature skin, for instance, would perhaps get on better with anti-ageing products, alongside super hydrating products. Those with oily skin would want to avoid anything too heavy. Pay attention to who the products you’re buying are made for. If you’re struggling to wrap your head around this, visit an esthetician or a dermatologist. 

Eat And Drink Well 

Staying hydrated and eating balanced meals can help you to glow from the inside out. When you’re having a bad skin day, it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s down to something you have consumed. It could just be hormones. Or how well you’re treating yourself. Make sure you’re fueling your body in the best way possible can really make a difference! 

Choose Your Products Carefully 

When it comes to skincare tricks, choosing your products and the brands you want to work with carefully can make a big difference. Check out the vegan skin care at a place like and compare with non-vegan skincare. You’ll see that many of the ingredients in non vegan skincare tend to be harsh and not great for the skin. 

Be Consistent

Consistency is a must with any skincare routine. You should perform your morning and night routine each day. You won’t always get instantaneous results. So you need to stick it out. 

Give Your Products A Chance To Work

Products that you introduce into your routine are going to need to be given a chance to work. Some products may give you results right away, such as exfoliating products. However, other products may need a couple of weeks, or even a couple of months before you can see their full impact. Don’t throw a product away immediately if it isn’t doing anything for you. Some products can also cause breakouts when you first start using them, but can settle down after a little while. Of course, if the breakouts persist longer than a few weeks, the product probably doesn’t suit your skin. Pay close attention and don’t change too much about your routine at once so you have an understanding of which product is having a certain effect. 

Apply SPF Every Single Day

SPF should be applied every single morning, no questions asked. The sun can damage the skin regardless of the season, and even whether it is bright out or not. Keeping your skin safe and protected will help you to avoid damage and premature ageing – even when you are in the house. Sun damage can still happen through windows! 

Exfoliate – But Not Too Much

Exfoliating your skin will ensure a smooth base and buff off those dead skin cells. You can use a physical, gentle scrub (be careful, as some create micro tears in the skin and aren’t safe). Alternatively, using a product like glycolic acid can help to buff away dead skin and reveal a glowing base beneath. 

Understand Why We Use Certain Skincare Products 

Understanding a little more about certain skincare products can help you to understand why we use them. Many of them do various things for the skin, for example:

  • Retinol – resurfacing and anti aging. 
  • Niacinamide – oil control, skin barrier repair. 
  • Vitamin C – brightening, free radical protection. 

Do your own research and figure out what you need!