Benefits of Change

The benefits of change may not be apparent immediately. In fact, realizing these benefits may take some time. But, they are there.

Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

Your Best Life: Do you know what that would look and feel like? Have you ever stopped to think about what makes your heart sing? 

Guidance Mediation

Guided Meditation: Worth it or not?

Guided meditation: Have you ever done it? I tossed this question out to the masses this past week on social media and the responses were great.

Inner Peace

Find Inner Peace in 10 Simple Ways

In our pursuits, we often tend to neglect the very thing we will need to help us push through, and that’s our health – a direct byproduct of inner peace.

finding purpose

Finding Purpose

The common thread in finding purpose, and this is just my humble opinion, is finding ways to create meaning and joy for others through our actions.


The Upside of Challenges

Challenges are good for us. They mold us, stretch us, and teach us how to face real-life situations with grace, if we allow for this.

Be Happy

Be Happy Now by Giving More

To be happy requires we step outside ourselves and turn our attention to others.When we give, we empower lives and spread joy. 


Simplify Your Life with 8 Simple Strategies

To simplify life, we need space. Space protects us from clutter, which is really a terrible hindrance to a clear and relaxed mind.


Everything is Temporary

Everything is temporary. When adversity strikes, remember that nothing lasts forever, even heartache and pain. It will get better.

living in the moment

Living in the Present Moment

Do you ever find yourself reliving the past or planning for the future more than living in the present moment? Being present is the key to loving life.