When it comes to having a more positive outlook on life, your health, and you in general, it can oftern be a long and challenging process. People are basically hardwired to be negative and societal expectations also make people (especially women) feel bad for themselves. It’s honestly far too difficult to fight this, but it can be done. Sure, sometimes a person isn’t going to feel the best about themselves or feel good about the situation they’re in. 

This can be hard to avoid. But for your mental health and even your physical health, it’s vital to better look into ways to change your perspective into something more positive. Here are some ways to do it.

1. Be more optimistic

This is usually the first tip that is given when it comes to thinking more about the bright side, but it’s true. Yes, it seems lazy, but this can be the hardest tip. You’re essentially going to need to force yourself to be optimistic at first. It’s not easy to do, truth be told, but it can be done. Some people will even look into gratitude journals and gratitude apps to help them improve their optimism.

2. Focus on the best for yourself

Whether this includes late term abortion or needing to get things done for yourself (regardless of how controversial), there isn’t anything wrong with focusing on yourself. Sometimes, in order to help others, you need to help yourself first. This is honestly a major step when it comes to changing up your perspective; you’ll need to think of yourself and how in some situations, you can put yourself first. There’s no shame in this at all, and make sure you don’t forget that. You know what’s best for yourself compared to anyone else. So, make sure you keep that in mind.

3. Keep your mind open to new possibilities

When it comes to looking toward the bright side and changing your perspective, you should always keep an open mind. Honestly, keeping an open mind will help you continuously change your perspective to think more on the bright side of things. So, make sure you put that heavily into consideration. Who knows what wonderful possibilities could come your way if you’re keeping a more open mind?

4. Have a positive attitude about everything you do

This can honestly be difficult; it’s even more difficult if you have low self-esteem. However, you’ll need to charge back your self-esteem, improve your mental health,  and bring on a more positive attitude, especially when it comes to yourself. One of the biggest reasons why people struggle to see the bright side in life or to even see the bright side amongst themselves is their lack of self-esteem. So, one thing you can do is challenge your thoughts.

If you are beginning to think something bad will happen, immediately challenge it. Why is something bad going to happen? Why would it? Make sure to use logic rather than your personal feelings when you challenge these negative thoughts. This is going to eventually make a big difference in how you’re going to feel about yourself. This will take some time to adjust to, but do not skip this.

5. Set realistic goals for yourself

When it comes to seeing the silver lining, the bright side, the positive, or whatever you want to call it, it’s also going to be about setting up realistic goals for yourself. Even if you feel like you have hit rock bottom, you can still find ways to help yourself out. You can get out of this; it just may take time. But one way to help is by setting up some realistic goals for yourself. This can greatly help you out because being realistic is going to help you better strategise what can be done.