Do your teeth affect your confidence? More than 16% of Americans are unhappy with their smile, claiming it impairs their self-esteem and makes them feel self-conscious in social situations. Many people put their hand over their mouth when smiling or laughing, because they want other people to see their perceived imperfections.

But there is no reason to be ashamed or embarrassed about your smile. Everyone has their own unique physical attributes, and there’s nothing wrong with having teeth that aren’t picture perfect. Feeling unconfident about your appearance can have a significant impact on your mental health and quality of life. It may impact your social relationships and cause you to feel unhappy or anxious in your daily life.

The following article is designed to help you feel more confident about your teeth and realize there is nothing wrong with the way you look.

Smile more

Most people who are self-conscious about their teeth will try to hide them. Perhaps because they feel unattractive or don’t like the idea of people looking at them. But if you suppress your smiles and laughter, you are literally stifling your own happiness. There is nothing more attractive than a genuinely joyful person so make an effort to smile more. To others, you will appear to be a happier and more approachable person, and before long you will start to feel like it too.

Be kind to yourself

You wouldn’t criticize or judge a friend who had imperfect teeth, so why should you accept the same negativity from yourself? Stop putting yourself down and eliminate any toxic self-talk. Learn to love yourself and accept that nobody is perfect. Your teeth are just a minuscule part of you, and you shouldn’t put all your focus on your smile. You have other fantastic attributes that are worthy of praise, so try to concentrate on the things you do love about yourself.

Look after your teeth

No one should ever feel that they need to change their appearance to feel good about themselves or fit in. Cosmetic dentistry can make people feel more confident and happy, but it is not essential. What is important is that you take steps to look after your dental health and hygiene. This will keep your teeth in good condition and prevent them from deteriorating. The health of your teeth is much more important than their appearance. Make regular appointments with a dental clinic, such as Sierra Dental Care, to ensure your oral health is up to scratch. Brush and floss every day and be careful about the food and drink you consume.

Put things into perspective

It’s important to remember that no one else is worried about your teeth. You are fixating on something that doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. Few people will notice any imperfections in your smile, and if they do, they are unlikely to care. Try to put things into perspective and not let such a tiny thing rule your life. As long as you are healthy and happy, nothing else should matter.