Depression is something that we all can experience, even those who have been of a cheery disposition. What are the things to think about when you experience depression for the first time? It is something that can happen at any point in our lives. You might consider yourself confident and full of resilience, but the day you feel flat or low in energy hits you like a ton of bricks because you don’t feel like yourself suddenly. 

It is Different From Being Sad

While depression comes in many forms, many people mistake depression for sadness. Depression is a mental health disorder that can form a variety of signs and symptoms that don’t just make people feel sad but impact how they see themselves and function. Sadness is only one aspect of clinical depression or even mild depression. There’s a variety of other thoughts and physical sensations that can occur. Fatigue, headaches, lack of appetite, inability to sleep, and feelings of despair or hopelessness can all vary from one person to another.

Get Your Version of Support

There’s a wide variety of resources available. The best thing to do is to speak to a doctor who may very well prescribe your antidepressants, but they may also point you towards other help, such as counseling or a good php program where you can get some rest and support.

Medication is not the only solution, but many people find it an effective method if they have mild depression because it can help to give them more clarity in their lives. However, those that feel uneasy because they are being recommended antidepressants can go down another avenue. There’s a variety of methods available, not just antidepressants.

Look After Yourself

You could have grown up with parents that told you to “snap out of it” and keep calm and carry on, but this is not a productive solution when you’re depressed. Instead, it would be best if you embraced that notion of self-care. Recognize that, although you may want to push through, will this help you? Some people feel like they need that forward momentum as it allows them the distraction necessary to throw themselves into a project. 

This is especially true for people with a condition known as cyclothymia. Those that experience cyclothymia find themselves having to stop and complete a massive project. But depending on the type of depression you are experiencing, you need to see through the noise and listen to what your inside voice tells you. If you need extra support or need to throw yourself into something, do it! But if there are temptations to do things that you know will cause harm to you, you have to remember that this is not the right solution. We can all experience these thoughts, but as long as we know these are manifestations of our depression and not truly how we feel about ourselves, we can push forward and see the light.