Writer's Insights Book

Writer’s Insights Book is Now Available

The Writer’s Insights book is one I decided to write after receiving many emails, messages, and posts with questions from aspiring and seasoned authors.


In Loving Memory of Sunshine

In Loving Memory of Sunshine is a tribute to my beautiful boxer who passed away after 9 beautiful years. He left an impact on many.

book review

Why Book Reviews Matter

Book reviews matter because they help readers find a writer’s work and also help a writer to learn and grow from an honest critique.

sandcastles novel by suzie carr

A lively book discussion

I had such a fun time in a book discussion from my novel, Sandcastles. A wonderful group of readers met with me online and asked many questions.

writing time

Find Time to Write

To find time to write is hard. Our lives are so busy. We have responsibilities that can’t take a backseat. How do we find the time?


4 Ways to Jumpstart the Day

To jumpstart the day requires you have the desire to thrive. Some days are easier than others to rise and shine, though. It’s time to wipe the sleep away.

Become More Productive

5 Ways to Become More Productive

A person can’t be as productive if she isn’t happy. The reason why is because the opposite of happy is miserable, and misery doesn’t spark movement.

writing mojo

5 Ways to Boost Writing Mojo

Ever have a deep fear that you’ve lost your writing mojo? Most writers do at some point. Our ideas run out and we stare at a dark, scary blank screen.

Feel Your Best

10 Ways to Feel Great  

When you feel great, things just seem so much easier. You can focus more sharply. Your energy increases. You’re happier. You’re free!


Sandcastles by Suzie Carr

Sandcastles is a novel that delves into the concept of living life to the fullest. Discover life’s gifts, the ones that can set hearts and minds reeling.