Do you know what that would look and feel like to have your best life? Have you ever stopped to think about what makes your heart sing? 

Recently, someone forwarded me an email containing a provocative question that got me thinking in this realm. It asked: If today was the last day of your life, would you wish for more time to accomplish those things in life you put on hold?

Have you put your best life on hold?

Wow, talk about an eye-opener of a question. If today were the last day of my life, would I feel satisfied with what I did with it so far?

For the most part, yes. But there are some things…

Would I have any regrets?

I would have some, yes. There are so many things I would feel sad that I didn’t get to do, like take a trip to South America to visit family, indulge in more scuba diving with my better half, turn one of my books into a movie, drive cross-country in an RV with Bumblebee and stop at every national park, and of course there’s the big one – to gain a normal schedule where I can sleep past 2:30 am!

In all seriousness, we get this one life to live to the fullest. We should figure out what elements are most important and make a plan to get started on enjoying them. For instance, I may not be able to take off on those trips just yet, but I can keep them centered as a point of reference to keep me from spinning in a whirlwind of worry, of what-ifs, of straddling challenges, of dodging obstacles. 

How to live your best life

How do we ensure we get to experience those things we’d regret not doing before it’s too late?

Ask any motivational speaker or life coach and surely they’d advise to take actions that will lead to life goals and ultimately to your best life.

Makes sense to me. I can wrap my brain around goals. I love setting them. I love knowing where I want to go. I also want to remain respectful of the great gift of time and the preciousness of the journey. I tend to get wrapped up in my goals, perhaps even too much at times. I’m like that runner at the end of a long race who just wants to sprint her way to the end, fading out the cheers from spectators, the blue skies, the smells of nature hanging in the air, and the feel of the wind on my face as I brush through it.

Goals really should be there to guide, but not block out what’s really important. That brings me to my next point in this discovery of how to live your best life: Be sure to know your priorities and align your goals with them.

#1 – Set Priorities

I keep my priority list very simple: (1) Family/friends (2) health (3) personal and professional development.

As long as my goals are in line with these, I’ll enjoy the journey.

For me, being alignment means I am with my loved ones having the time to enjoy the journey of spending my day doing the things I love most – being healthy, learning, and writing.

Take the time to determine what’s really important. What would you regret not doing?

#2 – Take Action Daily

I take action on those elements daily. I nurture my relationships, write daily, and live a well-balanced life that allows for growth. I can just imagine how much fun those eventual trips are going to be as a result of this focus. 

What actions will point you in the direction towards what is most important to you? If you crave more family time and work that makes a difference, perhaps volunteering and reaching out to the community with family members would be something to consider.

If you’ve found yourself veering off the path at times, it’s okay. Just be aware of it. Awareness of this is key to staying on track so you can analyze what steps to take right now to get into the swing of living your best life.

The secret to enjoying a beautiful life would never lay in the strength of saving it, but solely in the magic of building it. – Sandcastles by Suzie Carr

We’ve all been reminded by events in our lives that life is short. It’s fragile. Don’t be afraid to shed those things that weigh you down. Lock sight on your ideals and run towards them as if your happiness depends on you reaching them. Because it truly does

Seek to build a world that is full of laughter and love. The heart wants to sing and dance and live in the bounty of nourishing change that allows for growth and expanse. Run towards the achievements you desire with gracious strides, never failing to take your eyes from the whispering landscape that will always be your trusted companion. Tears will surely be shed as you journey through your actions, tears that will leave you breathless with gratitude for the lessons and fun you enjoyed along the way. Life is a series of lessons in learning to let go of rigidity as we grant a willingness to show our vulnerability to the great unknowns. A step taken offers opportunity to engage on that perpetual path of abundance in friendship, love, and life. Decide on what’s important, execute a flexible plan to enjoy it, and let life take you on a ride that will set you spinning with exhilaration as you come across, time and time again, the opportunity to be pleasantly surprised by its little treats.

Over to you: What could you do differently today to make sure you are living your best life?