Feeling a little low currently and wanting to improve your mood? We all have moments in life where we’re not feeling our usual selves. This funk can throw us out of our daily routine. Whether you’ve got to go to work and get through a hard day or you need to tidy your home because it’s a mess, here are things to improve your mood in 30 seconds.

Smile To Yourself In The Mirror

Smiling is infectious. When you see someone smile or laugh, you probably find yourself cracking a smile at the same time. Smiling can lift you out of a funk quickly when you crave to improve your mood. Find the nearest mirror available and smile at yourself. It might feel a bit odd at first. But you’ll soon find yourself smiling more naturally as you grin crazily back at your appearance. 

Smiling can really help to start your day in the right way. It might be a good idea to also have a mantra you say to yourself too. It can be something as simple as today will be a good day or you’ve got this. These motivational words can really help to set you off in the right direction. Then the day will be yours for the taking! It’s also something you could do at the end of the night too. And you can take it one step further by improving your smile. That’ll certainly help bring some joy to your day.

Turn On Your Favorite Music

We’ve all got different musical tastes. For some, it might be classical, or it could be punk rock. Whatever your preference, music can really help bring out those serotonin levels that you lack at the moment. Whether you need to feel inspired or you simply want to give yourself a burst of energy, pop on your favorite music. It’s good if you can curate a feel-good playlist to enjoy whenever you need to improve your mood.

Take A Walk Outside

Fresh air can do you your mood a world of good. It can help you to think and reflect on your troubles. Even if it’s a quick walk around the block or a trip to your local park and back, it’s beneficial. Try to take a walk as often as you can. It’s definitely important to make the most of the outdoors, especially as much of our time is spent indoors. Or in front of our electronics. Next time you need ti improve your mood, get out there in nature and take it all in.

Do Something To Relax

And finally, a big way of helping to boost your mood is by doing something to relax. You may have had a stressful day or gone through something recently that really dampened your spirits. In those times, it’s good to relax. Find an activity that you love doing to help take you away from those dampened spirits. By indulging in something you love, you’ll enter into a renewed state of bliss.

Make sure you use these tips to improve your mood so you can enjoy this great thing called life!