For most of us, life completely changed during the COVID pandemic as we were confined to our houses. Even though the lockdowns are coming to an end and life is slowly starting to return to normal, that doesn’t mean that things are going to be exactly the same as they were before. 

During the lockdowns, many of us picked up bad habits. We have carried them with us, even as we head outside again. If you want to protect your physical and mental health during this transitional period, it’s important that you look at these behaviors and take steps to change them. These are some of the bad habits that you need to undo after the COVID lockdown. 

Excessive Drinking 

When you’re cooped up in your house for days, it’s hard not to get cabin fever. Much of the time, this led to excessive drinking for people who wanted to pass the time or calm their nerves. When you didn’t have to get up for work or go out anywhere, it was easier to convince yourself that it’s fine to drink more regularly.  Unfortunately, if you got used to drinking excessively during the lockdowns, your brain can easily rewire itself to crave alcohol. If you are seriously concerned, you should get in touch with American Addiction Centers for some advice on how to cut down again. If you don’t tackle this habit now, it will only get worse and start causing serious health problems for you. 

Unhealthy Eating  

With so many people locked up in their houses with only takeout to eat, it’s not surprising that over half of the United States population gained at least ten pounds during the COVID pandemic. Even when supermarkets started opening again, most people didn’t want to go out and start running errands all over again. A lot of people also got into the habit of comfort eating because they were anxious about the situation. So, as things get back to normal, take a look at your diet and make some positive changes. This is especially important because an improved diet can protect you from the more serious symptoms of COVID. 

Overusing Social Media  

With so many apps to allow you to talk to your friends during the COVID lockdown, it’s not surprising that so many people increased the amount of time they spent on social media. However, excessive social media use can have a huge impact on your mental health and your productivity. So, as you start heading outside and getting back to normal again, try to keep your social media use to a minimum. You can get some great apps to limit screen time if you are finding it difficult. 

Lack Of Structure and Routine 

When you are stuck at home, it can be easy to let your day-to-day routine slide. When people were out of work for months due to the pandemic, their normal routine went out of the window. But routine is important if you want to stay happy and healthy. You should pay attention to the way that you break up your days and even if it seems a bit rigid, start planning your time so you can develop a good routine

We’ve all picked up bad habits during the lockdown and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. However, you do need to focus on breaking those habits before they get worse.