When you’re not feeling well, the goal is to flush sickness out of your body quickly. Let’s face it, getting sick isn’t something any of us will enjoy and it can throw you off whatever you’re doing. Some sicknesses can wipe you off your feet and the sooner you can feel better, the sooner things can get back to normal. With that being said, here are some tips to flush sickness out of your body.

Lots Of Liquid

Liquid is important because your body is mostly made up of water. Sometimes you can simply get sick from not drinking enough water and allowing your body to run itself into the ground as a result. So when it comes to flushing sickness out, it’s good to drink plenty more water than you’re already drinking now. To benefit, aim to drink between half to a full ounce of water for each pound you weigh.

Water can get boring after a while. So consider substituting in hot liquids in the form of tea and also soups. Soups are an ideal choice because they often have healthy ingredients that help to soothe an upset stomach and aches.


Medication can certainly help when it comes to feeling ill but it’s important you take the right medication for what you’re experiencing. For example, if you’ve got a stomach bug, then you’ve likely got diarrhea. Regular painkillers aren’t likely to help as much as diarrhea relief tablets would. Migraines would benefit from painkillers and a cough or cold might benefit from a liquid medication. 

Plenty Of Rest

Getting plenty of rest is definitely important when it comes to flushing sickness out. Your body is likely fighting an infection and therefore it’s going to need plenty of rest in order to recover. You’re likely to be more tired and fatigued. Rest and plenty of sleep is needed, even during those times where you don’t feel like you need to sleep. 

The more sleep you get when you’re ill, the better and quicker you’re going to feel. So get yourself to bed.

Eat Healthy to Flush Sickness Out

Eating healthily is important for your body because it needs the nutrients and relevant minerals needed to keep the body fighting fit. Try not to fall for the junk food because this won’t help during a time where your health isn’t normal. There will be plenty of time for treats and take-outs after you’ve recovered. So try to eat healthier while you’re sick by upping the vegetables and fruit intake.

Flushing sickness out of your system, like a cough or cold, will take longer if you don’t follow the tips above. Look after yourself properly and you’ll be back to your usual, healthy self in no time at all. That’s what you want, after all, right?