The saying goes that even if you are in a bad mood, smiling affects the brain and can make you happy the more you do it. Smiling is a beautiful experience that has facts that are backed up by both psychology and even science. According to experts, it is good for both mental and physical health which is one powerful strategy to stand by in our practice for well-being. Having the world smile back at you can be a great experience. even if you just post an emoticon with a large smile or a good laugh.

The Art Of The Smile

Social media may even become a little addicting for some. That is why you need to be careful about chasing the likes and rather attempt to live in the moment regardless of whether you decide to share them with others. The reason for this is because it may take away your serotonin and replace it with anxiousness or depression. Smiling and laughter is a very natural response for most people, especially in a comfortable setting that allows the joy to spread. It’s a very good thing because it is healthy for us. Regardless of whether you want to go to the dentist to perfect that smile and get dental implants or just give it a little tender loving care, try and own your smile with confidence. As they say, the secret to happiness is with a smile and some laughter.

What smiling does to your brain

There are numerous strategies to help you perfect your smile. As well as reasons why smiling is good for your health. Smiling tricks your brain into believing it is happier than it is, as many studies have shown to increase serotonin and productivity. It triggers those amazing feel-good chemicals we search for in our lives from our brain’s pleasure center. Smiling is known to be excellent for your brain and health. But it may be hazardous for your mental or emotional health in the long run if individuals use it to disguise how they feel all the time. Since you might never fully allow yourself to feel your emotions and process your ideas in a secure and supportive environment. Both aspects of smiling can have a significant role in a person’s happiness and life satisfaction.

What smiling means in different cultures

Smiling is good for you but in other countries, it may be interpreted differently. Understanding a smile from around different parts of the globe can give you an interesting take on what we may not give much consideration to at times. There have been a lot of studies surrounding expressing your happiness in different cultures around the world. According to certain research, the western culture is more vocal about their feelings and pleasure in general than certain cultural backgrounds found in the east. Smiling would be viewed differently depending on the situation and person you are conversing with. It all may also boil down to faking it so that you can feel that emotion and respect.