Back when I originally wrote this post, I needed to relax. I found that by deep breathing, I gained a sense of control over my emotions. When I learned this, the week had been a whirlwind! A good whirlwind, but still quite a wild ride. My head was spinning and I did feel a bit overwhelmed. The good thing is that I knew why. I was rushing. And, I hate rushing!

Take a Deep Breath

Slow down and take a breath was the subject of my self-talk this morning. I whispered it to myself as I stood in the center of my kitchen overcome with emotions.

I’ve had a lot going on this week, all good, but still lots! I just released The Dance and just received a glowing review of it in Curve Magazine.

Running my writing business is lots of fun work, but it does take a toll on my balance at times. I’ve had a challenging time finding a moment to breathe this week.

I had so many things I wanted to do this morning, so I found myself rushing around my kitchen like a complete maniac trying to do twenty million things in five minutes of time. I wanted to get the cooking over with so I could start on the book launch promos and other projects I had planned. 

Illogically, I thought, the faster I get through this mundane task of cooking, the more time I will have to do what I really want to do.

reclaim your life

Yeah, right.

Well, that didn’t work out as planned because I worked myself up into a manic frenzy trying to achieve an unrealistic and unhealthy goal. I had about one hour to accomplish what would truthfully take five.

Despite this, I rushed to get breakfast, lunch and snacks packed for the day while simultaneously trying to clean. And poor Bumblebee just sat there and stared at me with that worried look she gets when her momma thinks she’s superwoman and can take on the world. Yeah, as you can imagine, I was multi-tasking and accomplishing little. My mind acted like an out of control runaway train, trying to catch up with my physical body as I dashed around that kitchen getting nowhere fast.

I needed to take a breath

Here’s the truth, I don’t like rushing. In fact, I hate rushing. So, thankfully, I realized this as I stared at Bumblebee, holding a spatula in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other. I was completely out of control.

Yes, everything I mentioned above needs attention, but not all at once. There’s a time for everything, just not all at once!

So, there I stood, in the middle of my kitchen, and drew a long, thoughtful breath. I tensed, holding that precious breath, then released it and relaxed my body. It felt amazing, so much so I did it for ten more times. I found a new attitude somewhere in those long thoughtful breaths.

The Result.

reclaim your life

I was calm. I was centered. I was focused. It took me all of three minutes to reclaim my life! I looked back at Bumblebee and she blinked her support, then went back to peeking out the window in search of squirrels.

Relaxed and ready to take on my mess, I glanced at a picture of a flower hanging on my wall.

It reminded me of how delicate time can be.

Nature rushes for no one. It operates at a pace that is undisturbed by distractions. A flower blooms on its own time, never rushing to open its petals in the hopes of being a flower in full bloom. It takes its sweet time, allowing the air to tickle its core as it awakens and stretches in slow, steady moves toward the promise of new light. Its thirst for transformation is quenched only by the journey of spreading its petals in one long, thoughtful move until it has kissed the day and left its nutritious gift onto those who slow down long enough to appreciate its presence.

I guess what I’m trying to say here is that no matter what our passion is in life, if we don’t slow down and remain mindful, we’re in danger of being trampled. When the world is spinning violently out of whack, slow down. Plant yourself in the moment and just breathe. Somewhere in that moment where you take a breath you’ll reclaim what’s most important – your peace!