Most people spend a big portion of their time on tech, watching tv, on their laptops, tablet, phone or even smartwatches now. We consume content all day in the form of videos, pictures and the written word. Over time we can get our tech cluttered in a way and just like a cluttered house, cluttered tech and online clutter isn’t good for wellness and our mental health. So, every so often we should clear out our online clutter like when we do a spring clean.

Who’s In Your Online Circle?

Online on all different social platforms, you have people you are friends with and you follow. seeing everything they post and how they portray themselves online. Sometimes we may find that we are friends with someone on Facebook that we don’t know anymore, someone we’ve grown apart from or that toxic person we have known a long time so feel like we should have them on social media. Now is the time to get rid of. Unfriend and unfollow, if you are unable to for whatever reason you can still mute them so you don’t see anything they post. We all have those people we follow and they just make us feel bad about ourselves or we compare our whole life to the few snippets they decide to share. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy for you or good for your mental well-being. 

Is Your Tech Starting To Run Slow?

There are lots of reasons that computers and technology start to run slow. There are lots of things it could be and sometimes it can be hard to know what to do but one of the things you can try is clearing out the junk. Old images or screenshots of things you no longer need, old games you haven’t played in years taking up your disk space or just having far too much stuff on one device. As tech gets older things do get slower, so having a clear-out can help speed things up. If you have thousands of images of your family then you might want to keep them all. To manage this you could always use an external hard drive to store them and keep them safe. 

Organize Time!

After years of having a computer, you will have documents everywhere in all different places on your computer. Scattered and difficult to find. Organise all your data and online documents into different folders, clearly labels. You can even create folders within the folders if you need a further organisation like years documents were made and so on. It will take some time but so worth it. 

So Many Emails

One that will save you time, in the long run, is finally setting aside some time and going through your inbox. Unsubscribe from all of those pesky email newsletters you have found yourself signed up to over the years. You can also make folders within your inbox so you can create and store different emails you need to keep track of.