Having a fear of Healthcare appointments is common. For those that feel worried or anxious to attend healthcare checkups or appointments, fear not because you are not alone. It’s not unusual to be worried to go to the dentist or seeing your doctor. There’s no reason to fear as they are there to attend to your health and ensure you are in good health. If you want to overcome your fear of healthcare appointments, here are some tips. 

Find a friendly practice

Not all practices offer friendly services. To overcome your fear, you may need a practice that puts patients first and understands people’s fears. 

For instance, you may currently fear going to see your dentist because they make you feel worried or tense. If that is the case, it will be worth finding a new practice. A place like Genesis Dental understands the worries and fears people have and ensure to create a welcoming and calm environment. A welcoming practice might be what you need to overcome your fear. 

Take a companion

It is essential to put your health first, so avoiding appointments will not be good if you have an underlying issue. If it is difficult to pluck up the courage to go by yourself, start taking someone with you. Although you may not be able to take them in or they might not be able to come with you forever, having company for a few visits might help you recognize that appointments do not need to be scary. 

A companion does not have to be a person. If you have an object or a positive affirmation that helps you feel calm, then take it with you. It can be held in your hand or your bag. Knowing it is there with you may help you stay calm and reduce your anxiety whilst at the practice.

Practice relaxation techniques

If you find that your fear comes when you are in the waiting room, try relaxation techniques to help calm your heartbeat and settle your mind. This could be breathing techniques or listening to music or a podcast. Finding a way to relax your mind and body will help you calm down and feel in control of your emotions. Breathing is a great way to achieve heart coherence, which can help alleviate feelings of anxiety. 

Exposure therapy

The best way to overcome a fear is by facing it. Exposure therapy will put you into the position you dread but in a safer environment. You could do this at the actual practice. If you tell your doctor that you have a fear of the appointments, they can work with you to make the appointment calm and relaxing. This exposure therapy will help you recognize that the appointment is nothing to be worried about. When you achieve a state of calm, you will become more familiar with the benefits and uses of the appointment. You can recognize why you are there and that it does not need to be considered a scary place.