The twenty-first-century woman has to juggle a lot. Although men and women both hold demanding jobs, society still demands that women play more roles than ever. According to the US Department of Labor, women represent 47% of American workers. This dynamic causes many women to feel pressured due to society’s expectations. But there are innovative ways to cope. Are you interested in how you can maintain an optimal work-life balance? Here are four points for you to consider.

Keep a planner for more work-life balance

Many career women advise that keeping a planner helps you outline all the necessary tasks during the week, both at home and work. Your planner prevents you from being overwhelmed with stress because it makes you aware of tasks ahead. You can get a diary or use the Notes or Calendar App on your phone to schedule personal and professional events. As a result, you will remain updated with meetings, birthdays, deadlines, date nights, etc., to help you maintain a healthy work-life balance and improve your well-being.

Get your priorities straight

Many career women admit that the conflicting demands of their work and personal lives always question their priorities. It is crucial to set clear goals to give yourself direction in your personal and professional life. Outline what you aim to achieve and where you hope to be in the coming years. If your priorities lean towards a strong career, pursue it passionately. You need not allow childbearing to get in your way. If you want children later on, you can freeze your eggs to preserve them. Consider using the services of the Advanced Fertility Center to help you make timely future decisions freely.

Make a distinction between work and private life

Experts advise that you draw a fine line between your work engagements and your personal life’s demands, to prevent them from becoming too intertwined. You can achieve this by making your home a getaway from your career rigors. When you are at work, maintain a professional outlook by not receiving calls from home or texting family members, unless it’s an emergency. When at home, don’t receive calls from work. This calculated attempt at setting boundaries will allow you to enjoy both aspects of your life to the fullest. Therefore, you should always strive to balance both worlds to ensure that you are not overwhelmed by either.

Learn to delegate to have more work-life balance

A Columbia Business School study revealed that women are less likely than men to delegate their responsibilities because they feel guilty about doing so. Women perceive admitting overwhelm as a sign of weakness, leading them to take on more tasks than they can handle. Experts conclude that this might negatively impact their careers. You should fight this tendency as much as possible. Outsource labor at home – hire a nanny to help out around the house. Do not hesitate to ask for assistance from your spouse and other family members whenever you need it. At work, if you are in upper management, experts recommend delegating as many tasks as possible to the competent staff so you can enjoy free time to pursue big-picture activities.