Finding fulfillment in life is beneficial for your mental health and self-esteem. According to performance coach Neel Raman, it gives your life greater meaning and clarity. Moreover, you’ll boost your confidence and happiness levels while preventing people from determining your self-worth. However, a General Social Survey revealed that only 29% of Americans are happy with their lives. That said, here are some practical ways to live your best life starting right now. 

Surround yourself with positive people

Positivity helps you to lead a happier and healthier life while reducing your stress and anxiety levels. For these reasons, you may want to surround yourself with positive people. Moreover, they inspire you to focus on the good things you have while supporting you through tough times. What’s more, they challenge you to grow, learn new things and become better. You may start by eliminating toxic people from your life. You can also smile more to attract the right people and develop your interpersonal skills like respect, honesty, acceptance, paying attention, and active listening. 

Take charge of your happiness 

Although external factors can contribute to your happiness, your fundamental sense of fulfillment comes from within. Also, it might be frustrating to depend on others to feel good about yourself, as they might fail you at some point. Therefore, it’s prudent to be in charge of your joy and avoid short-term methods for feeling fulfilled. The first step is to accept who you are and forgive your mistakes as nobody’s perfect. It’s also prudent to also face challenges instead of complaining and work towards your goals. By all means, always put yourself first, and refuse to live according to other people’s standards. 

Lend a helping hand to others 

Recent psychological research indicates that helping others can boost your overall sense of identity and purpose. Moreover, it controls your emotions while reducing your anxiety and depression levels. Therefore, you may consider helping people out in any way you can. Fortunately, little acts of kindness can lift people’s spirits while making you fulfilled. For example, you may help someone with their grocery shopping or mow your neighbor’s lawn if they can’t do it for some reason. You can also volunteer at schools for hard-of-hearing students, but be sure to research hearing loss communication tips to help you out. 

Set tangible goals

According to motivational speaker Brian Tracy, you’re more likely to succeed if you set achievable goals. Besides, they can make you more productive and fulfilled. Therefore, you may create goals for whatever you wish to accomplish, either in your personal or professional life. For example, you may set a timeline for weight loss, going to college, or healthy eating. First, however, you need to create a working plan to achieve your set goals. Tools like Vision Board and Milestone Planner are excellent goal-setting tools to leverage for success.

Celebrate your accomplishments 

According to psychologist David DeSteno, celebrating your successes can enhance your confidence and fulfillment while motivating you to do more. Therefore, you may reward and acknowledge yourself each time you accomplish something. For example, you can buy a nice meal or your desired outfit after completing your daily tasks. 

Self-fulfillment doesn’t only come with more significant deeds; little acts can make you feel good about yourself. Hopefully, you’ll follow these tips for a more purposeful life.