Do you feel blocked from expressing your true gifts and living your purpose? Perhaps like me, you crave the opportunity to leverage your gifts and create shared impact. The good news is that you can. We hold gifts in us that are waiting for us to express them. In this latest podcast episode, Jewel Veitch shares insights on how to take a heart-centered approach to living and monetizing the highest expression of your purpose. 

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About Jewel Veitch

Jewel Veitch is a seasoned Career & Business Coach, an International Best Selling Author, and a Purpose and Empowerment Speaker.  She has facilitated in the field of personal and professional development for over two decades through formal coaching and training in public, private and entrepreneurial sectors. As a seasoned career practitioner and intuitive business mentor, she has supported thousands of women to discover their true gifts and realize their dream of building legacy doing what they love, while fulfilling their highest purpose and potential. Her thriving Inner Core Coaching practice serves purposeful women around the world to harness their resources and make a greater difference for future generations.

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