Do you have some issues with clutter? I certainly do! I’ve turned a kitchen drawer into a junk drawer and haven’t been able to open it fully for years. I’ve inadvertently turned my attic into a storage unit, minus the climate control. I have things up there from 2005 when I first decided to temporarily store them there until I could go through them.

Yeah. I needed a declutter expert.

Well, the universe answered my call for help and sent me an expert organizer to be on my Curves Welcome podcast! Tune in to here Felice Cohen’s simple to apply tips.

In our chat, Felice shares:

  • Tips on ways you can declutter your life immediately
  • How clutter affects us physically and emotionally
  • Biggest lessons on living large in a small space (90 feet to be exact!)
  • And more!

About Felice Cohen:
Felice Cohen is an author of 5 books, a professional organizer, motivational speaker and Holocaust educator. She’s shared her tips on living large in a small space on many platforms, including Good Morning America, NPR, ABC News, WNBC, CBS NY, and more.

Check out her infamous YouTube video of her 90-square-foot Manhattan studio.

Connect with Felice:

Here’s to success with your declutter endeavors!