Building emotional resilience is a selfless act of love that can help you experience a sense of well-being in a hectic world. Let’s face it, life can get pretty stressful and hectic, whether it is surrounding your work or social life. So at times you probably find that you put your own wellbeing last, particularly when you live with other family members and are perhaps accustomed to looking after their needs first. But over time this lack of attention for yourself can have a negative impact, so finding time to do what you enjoy is very important. 

Bottling Up Your Feelings Is a Bad Habit  

When you are constantly battling through various scenarios in your life you might find that you learn how to build emotional resilience against any unexpected issues that arise. But in reality not looking after your own mental wellbeing can be damaging. So instead of bottling up all your emotions and just thinking ‘oh well, I don’t need to deal with this right now’ could be harmful in the long run. So allow yourself to deal with different emotional scenarios by talking to someone you feel comfortable with and writing down any stresses or concerns that may be bothering you. 

Not Sleeping Enough Affects Your Body’s Wellbeing

You might think you feel fine after only a few hours of sleep each night and that your body is able to function, but after a while this can have an effect on your body’s ability to fight off any infections, which is particularly rife around fall time. So try to find time to catch up on sleep and create a relaxing bedtime routine

Enables You To Enjoy Your Own Company 

There is nothing wrong with wanting to spend time on your own, unwind, and enjoy your own company. Essentially you should aim to do this as often as you can, so that you can spend time doing what you thoroughly enjoy and it enables you to process your own thoughts and feelings.

You Can Achieve Your Ambitions and Goals 

You don’t want to go through life putting your own ambitions and goals on the back burner, so try to remind yourself that you have dreams too to fulfill. Even if you haven’t realized them yet, you still can if you give yourself the opportunity to. Instead of putting yourself at the back of the queue, try to find time to pursue your own interests otherwise you might regret not fulfilling your ambitions. 

It might not come naturally to you but if you are someone who is used to putting other people first, then you need to try and get into the habit of focusing on your own well-being both physically and psychologically. You deserve to be happy.