One quick way to help relieve stress is by placing indoor plants around your home. We sometimes forget to take care of our own well being yet are very good at encouraging others to do the same. During this particular stressful year, self care is important. By looking after your body and mind, you can boost your confidence and reduce levels of stress and anxiety. You can so small things like introducing plants and flowers around your home to create a sense of calm. 

Treating Yourself to Flowers

Having flower pots or vases filled with flowers are a great way to add some vibrant color and natural fragrance into your home. They can also be extremely uplifting. Do you only purchase flowers for special occasions like birthday flower delivery for a family member or friend? Why not for yourself?

Indoor Plants to Relieve Stress and Lift Your Mood

Certain varieties of flowers and indoor plants can be extremely beneficial in relieveing stress. They can lift your mood instantly in a natural way. 

Chrysanthemums are vibrant and can naturally aid relaxation by reducing your anxiety and stress levels. They improve the quality of air by filtering out toxicity. This in turn can improve your sleep. 

Jasmine plants can also improve you low mood. German scientists at Ruhr University discovered that the fragrance can be more effective than taking prescribed medication to alleviate feelings of anxiety. The jasmine fragrance boosts a chemical in our nervous system called GABA. This chemical enables us to relax and feel less anxious.

Plants that Can Improve Air Quality

An Aloe Vera plant can purify the air quality. The long surface areas of the plant absorb pollutants and carbon dioxide in the air by replacing this with oxygen, particularly at night. It can be particularly helpful to have one in your bedroom to ensure you have good air quality when you sleep. 

Plants to Aid Relaxation

If you want an indoor plant to help you feel more relaxed at night then a Chamomile plant is the optimum choice, It releases a sweet relaxing aroma that helps you have an uninterrupted night’s sleep. Which is certainly something you need when you are feeling stressed. 

Another plant that will aid relaxation is lavender. As a fragrance it is used primarily in beauty products to help you sleep and feel more relaxed, so opting for a small pot of this in your bedroom will certainly help. An active ingredient called terpene linalool is present in lavender which when released in the air, encourages a sense of calm. As well as promoting a relaxing atmosphere it also provides a lovely natural fragrance which is better than using an air freshener which is full of chemicals.