Helping a loved one who is in a bad relationship is difficult. You care about them. From the outside, you can see that the relationship is unhealthy. They can’t. All you want is for them to be happy and you know that ending the relationship is the right thing to do. They won’t listen. 

Often, people take the wrong approach to this situation and they can sometimes make it worse. But if you deal with it in the right way, helping your loved one is possible. Here’s how: 

Don’t Be Judgmental 

If you go to somebody and say that their partner is awful, that’s not going to open them up. Telling someone they should leave their partner will come across as judgmental. From their point of view, it seems like you’re telling them that they can’t make their own decisions. When you take this approach, it will only create divisions and push them away. They will be less likely to listen to you. Instead, you need to remove judgment from the situation and take a more cautious approach. Let them know that you care about them and you are concerned. Don’t make accusatory statements, Simply ask them if everything is ok. Let them know you’re there to talk. This encourages them to think about the situation themselves and lets them know that if they do want help, you are there for them. 

Provide Resources For Help

When somebody is in a bad relationship that becomes abusive, they feel trapped. There is a lot of emotional manipulation going on. It’s hard to know how to escape that situation. So you should be ready to help them when they need it by researching resources. Speak with a domestic violence lawyer and seek out some local charities that help people in abusive relationships. Knowing that help is out there will make things seem more manageable for your loved one. Then you can put a plan in place to help them when they come to you. 

Don’t Distance Yourself

This situation can cause rifts between you and your loved one. They will be upset if they feel that you are attacking them. You’ll feel frustrated that they’re not listening to your concerns. If you don’t like their partner, you won’t want to spend time around them. So it’s common for people to distance themselves. But this doesn’t help the situation. Your loved one could lose you, the one important source of support. As they become more isolated, the bad relationship will only get worse. So, it’s important that you don’t change anything about your relationship with your loved one and you continue to be there for them. 

Consider An Intervention 

Even though it’s important to approach the situation carefully, there are some instances where you need to take direct action. If somebody is in an abusive relationship and you have serious concerns about their danger, you should consider holding an intervention. Gathering a group of people that care about them and showing that you are all there to help can sometimes be the push that they need to end the relationship. 

Helping a loved one in a bad relationship is difficult. It’s important that you approach the situation carefully so you don’t push them away.