When you have an important decision to make, your timing and mood both matter. Many things in our lives affect our mood, obviously. Things can get in the way of our good vibes, so we must take care not to make important decisions when not in an optimal state.

We all want to live a rich, dynamic, and positive life. We want it filled with significant achievements, a sense of greater meaning and purpose, and rich interpersonal relationships.

Over the course of everyday life, however, we are frequently faced with concerns and frustrations that can move us from a state of optimism about the future, to one of pessimism or even “learned helplessness.”

In many different ways, we make important decisions on a regular basis that can significantly impact our lives in a variety of different ways.

Here’s why you should try to only make those important decisions when in a mental state of balanced optimism.

An Important Decision Requires Optimism

Fear and insecurity can cause us to make bad decisions. Making important decisions while in such a state will place you on paths that may stunt your growth and accomplishments. Instead of thriving, you’ll likely find yourself withdrawing to protect yourself. Do you really want to reinforce a timid relationship with life? I hope not. So let’s focus on reducing the fears and increasing the optimism.

By making important decisions while in an optimistic state of mind, you’ll be more likely to make better decisions that will help you expand and grow. Increase your optimism by tuning into upbeat music, indulging in a good cup of coffee, and enjoying some positive affirmations.

Deciding to Pursue a Meaningful Path Takes Courage

No one sets out to follow a path leading nowhere. Right? We all want our steps in life to mean something and to lead us into a journey that has purpose. What exactly is a meaningful journey? It can mean different things to different people. Dr. Hanid Audish found his meaningful path through a career in research. It called out strongly to him. Making the decision to follow that call could only be made while in a state of optimism. The call you follow may be just as strong. Perhaps it’s a path towards artistic creation, security, or teaching. Whatever the path, following it requires courage. We must be vulnerable to take the chance and step outside of our comfort zone.

Making decisions related to your overall life path, from a place of optimism, can therefore help to develop your courage and self belief and propel you forward.

Following a Path with an Open Mind

One of the most unfortunate and destructive things that our minds can do is create elaborate negative narratives. When in a pessimistic and limited state of mind, our mind can easily confirm our worst fears. Staying in this state can lead to social withdrawal, chronic procrastination, and overall misery. So it’s vital you step out of the pessimistic darkness and into the light.

When you are in a pessimistic and limited state of mind, you will often radically misjudge situations. By making important decisions when in a more optimistic state of mind, you give yourself and the world a better outcome.