If you think that looking after your health is boring or a chore, you’re not alone. Many people avoid taking the steps they know they need to take to look after themselves because they just can’t find the excitement and fun in it. That doesn’t mean it’s not there, though. There are some seriously fun ways you can look after your health – just take a look at the inspiration below and see for yourself.

Eat A Balanced Diet

‘How is this fun’ I hear you cry – just wait a minute before you stop reading. What’s fun about constantly stuffing your face with sugary foods that make you feel lethargic and give you highs and lows like a yo-yo? What’s fun about only eating salad and being sad and hungry for eternity? There’s nothing fun about either of those things alone, but when you can combine them and begin to eat balanced every day of the week, you’ll find life so much more enjoyable. You don’t have to be all one way or the other. Many people make the mistake of trying to be too strict and struggling to implement any kind of healthy diet as they begin to binge and crave foods. Instead, don’t take it to extremes. Try to eat foods both for your health and enjoyment.

Walk With Friends

Getting out for a walk is great. You get vitamin D and fresh air, and that wonderful hit of endorphins our body treats us to after a decent work out. However, it’s not always fun to walk alone. See if your friends want to get into the walking habit with you and you can combine catch ups and exercise in one fun session. Of course if you can’t enlist your friends to go walking with you, you could always take a podcast or an audiobook for company.

Dance More

Dancing is a different kind of fun. Not only do you get to up your step count and your heart rate, you can forget yourself for a minute. It’s rare we put ourselves in situations that allow us to just be in the moment and dance like nobody’s watching – so practice at home! Set yourself 5 minute dance breaks where you pull out the most ridiculous dance moves. Not only will this keep you healthy, it’ll keep you laughing and having fun. Don’t take yourself so seriously – you’re not being judged!

Sit Outside

For many of the things we do each day, we could probably do them outside. Get outside with a book, with your breakfast, and even when you’re on the phone. This may not always be possible if the weather is treacherous, but we all need fresh air and sunlight, even if it’s just for a short amount of time each day.

Experiment With More Recipes

Cooking is therapeutic, and the best thing about it is you get to enjoy what you make. Experiment with more recipes and have fun. Include healthy ingredients but don’t be afraid to mix things up. You could make some delicious puddings with your favorite fruit, so you’re adding to your 5 a day while also enjoying a delicious after-dinner treat. Take a look at black elderberry benefits and you’ll probably want to make a fruit cheesecake!

Create The Right Atmosphere in Your Bedroom

The bedroom is the best place to wind down and relax. That being said, it might not be the case for you if you haven’t actually taken the time to create the right atmosphere. Your bedroom should be as dark as possible when you’re sleeping, but to create the perfect atmosphere to wind down you should consider things like LED lighting and even a sunrise simulator alarm clock. There are some truly great gadgets you can add to the bedroom. Here are a few more ideas:

  • Black out blinds or curtains.
  • Fairy lights to improve the atmosphere.
  • Remove your electronics. Take away the TV and sleep with your phone in another room.
  • Try a body pillow to align your spine and ensure you’re sleeping in the correct position.
  • Make sure you have a suitable mattress, duvet, and pillows.

Find Your Form Of Therapy

Everyone has something that makes them feel relaxed and at peace. This may be a comfort activity for you, such as knitting or reading. However, it’s important to note that activities like this also help us to get into something called ‘the flow’ state. This state has been closely linked with better mental health and happiness.

Spend Time On Self Care Each Day

You have to get through your to do list, but you should also be prioritizing self care. Make sure you’re caring for yourself each day, whether you’re taking a hot bath or unplugging from social media.

Pay It Forward

Doing nice things for others can make us happier than when we do things for ourselves, according to studies. Find ways you can use what you have to help others. Could you help out at a homeless shelter or a pet shelter? Could you buy somebody their coffee? There are plenty of ways you can pay it forward if you look for them. You’ll make another person happy and experience benefits yourself, too!

Utilize Scent Therapy

Scent therapy relates to what we breathe. How we breathe is important – deep breaths can help us to calm down when we’re feeling overwhelmed. However, what we breathe can also make a huge difference. Aromatherapy oils in a diffuser could have a profound effect on your mental health. Citrus scents are linked to reduced feelings of anxiety, so try those if you’re struggling with your mental health.

Create Your Own Rituals

Having your own rituals can help you to prepare for the day and wind down when it’s time for bed. Your rituals can look anyway you like, whether that means having some time to yourself with a hot drink in the morning, or having an hour long bath before bed at night. What do you want your morning/evening routines to look like, and what do you think would benefit you most? Doing this will help tremendously with your mental health. When you have these things under control, you’ll be more likely to take care of your physical health, too.

Sleep More

Who needs an excuse to sleep more? Try monitoring your sleep and make sure you’re aiming for 8 hours of high quality sleep each night. If you take the steps to improve your bedroom like we mentioned earlier, then you shouldn’t have any issue with this. If you’re experiencing sleep problems, it could be down to a deeper mental or physical issue, so get help. Try not to get any less than 6 hours a night. If your sleep schedule is inconsistent, then you will likely need to catch up at some point during the week, and you could struggle to focus on important tasks.

Listen To Music

Music has the power to change your mood tremendously. If you’re struggling to work out, a playlist that helps you get pumped could inspire you. If you just need a mental boost, then a good song could do the trick. Don’t underestimate the power of music!

Let It Out – Swear

Some people don’t like swearing, but letting it all out like this could have an amazing affect on your mental health. Swearing has been linked to blowing off steam, and some say it can even reduce physical pain. Just make sure you pick your moments!

Treat Yourself

You might feel apprehensive about treating yourself, but it’s no secret that treating yourself can lift your mood. Buy yourself something shiny and new once in a while. It doesn’t have to be pricey for it to be a huge boost to your mental health and happiness. Just don’t get in the habit of buying things to lift your mood, as you could end up in debt and some bigger problems on your hands. If you want the best of both worlds, you’ll likely feel even more satisfied if you set aside some savings for this very reason. Having multiple savings accounts is a great idea for those who want to hone in on their money management skills, and giving yourself a pot for treats can only be fun!


Everybody loves laughing, but we grow up and don’t tend to do it enough. It really is the best medicine! Spend time with people who make you howl with laughter, and watch films and programs that make you laugh. Try not to take things so seriously and you’ll have an easier time of this. Not only is laughing great for your mental health, it can help you to bond with others when you laugh with them, and has benefits on your physical health, too.

Are you ready to tackle your health with a little more fun and excitement? It doesn’t have to be boring, and you’ll be glad you did it later on. Leave your own ideas below!