We all feel stressed form time to time. It’s natural. For many of you reading this, it’s fair to assume that stress is a regular part of your life. It plagues you most days and you know you should try to get rid of it. You’re always told to find ways of reducing stress, and you know it’s a good idea, but why is this important? What happens to you when you don’t try to get rid of stress, letting it continue to pile on?

Today, we’ll explore some reasons why you should de-stress, while also mixing in a few tips along the way!

Too much stress is bad for your mind

Stress can have a direct impact on your mental health and is very closely associated with anxiety, depression, and paranoia. Therefore, reducing your stress levels will be a good way of aiding your mental health. This is why a lot of stress-relief treatments, like CBD oil from places like Juna World, also help to calm feelings of anxiety. When too much stress is in your body, it plays on your mind and makes you think of all sorts of bad things. In turn, this causes more stress, so the two help each other out. You don’t want this to happen, so for the sake of your mental health, you should de-stress. 

Too much stress can raise your blood pressure

Similarly, when there is a lot of stress and built-up tension in your body, it will raise your blood pressure. This is all to do with the way your nervous system responds to stress – be it physical or mental. Long story short, it will raise your blood pressure, which can be super bad for your health as it increases the chances of cardiovascular diseases. If you’ve ever had your blood pressure checked, the doctor will always tell you to de-stress if the levels are high. One of the best ways to do this is through meditation or deep breathing exercises. Both are shown to help calm your nervous system down, reducing stress and helping to gradually lower your blood pressure. 

Too much stress can cause physical pain

Yes, being stressed can end up manifesting itself as physical pain. Often, when you’re stressed, you get very tense. As a result, you subconsciously tense your muscles and they become very hard and tight. This leads to muscle knots forming, which can cause chronic pain. While problems like this can exist throughout the body, it’s most likely to be experienced in your shoulder area. Much like the mental health conundrum, physical tension and pain end up causing more stress! This is why treatments like self-massage or acupuncture are beneficial to combat stress as you remove physical tension and let the body feel more relaxed. 

Overall, the conclusion we can draw is that getting rid of stress is essential for your all-around health and wellbeing. It can cause issues both physically and mentally, potentially putting you at risk of developing harmful diseases. So, if you feel stressed, make it your mission to calm down and be more relaxed.