So I started this new program founded by one of my role models, John Assaraf, called Neuro Gym Winning the Game. I’m loving it. It’s basically a program that involves a lot of daily meditation and visualization. Since I’ve been listening to his audio sessions, ideas are coming at me from every which way – some good and of course some I think later on, what was I thinking! Anyway, the other day I listened to one of his speakers discuss the importance of our environments (health, relationship, social circles, career, home, etc) and it struck me deeply. It talked about creating better environments for ourselves. Then, an idea filled me with joy

I Crave Joy

I spend a lot of time on social media to interact with readers and fellow writers. Typically I enjoy seeing the posts, and I often gain a great deal of joy and inspiration from them. Lately though, with the world as scary and crazy as it is, posts have become much more negative and toxic. I find I shy away from my timeline and explore the various reading groups I belong to for a positive escape. Then it dawned on me that I could create my own positive environment on FB. 

Feed Your Joy

The name of the group, Feed Your Joy, came to me in an instant as I listened to the speaker talk about the importance of nourishing ourselves with environments that bring out the best in us. I went right to Facebook and started the new group. It’s day two and already the positive vibes are flowing in from all over the world. Group members are posting inspiring pictures, quotes and sharing uplifting thoughts that get us all thinking.

If you’re looking for a dose of inspiration next time your on Facebook, come join us in the Feed Your Joy group. The more positive vibes, the better. And, if you’ve got a positive blog, you’re welcome to share uplifting, helpful posts with the group.