Having a bad day, after months and months of feeling good, can make you feel like you’ve taken a turn for the worst. This is especially true if you’re recovering from something like a physical injury or a mental illness. One bad day can feel like a relapse, and like all your progress has been for nothing. 

So, maybe you had a big setback today? Or, maybe you woke up and were just feeling terrible? Or maybe there’s been a string of little annoyances that have turned your day upside down! In truth, it doesn’t matter what’s caused your bad day – it only matters how you respond to it.

Go for a Walk

Being outside, surrounded by nature and breathing in fresh air, is incredibly good for you. Making sure you’re getting enough oxygen, and you’re not just breathing in stuffy air that’s potentially polluted, can be a great physical sensation, if nothing else. 

Of course, simply going for a walk and spending 5 or 10 minutes outside and looking at the sky isn’t going to fix the underlying problem. No one would expect it to! But it is a good way to get started in fixing a bad day, especially if you’ve been cooped up at a desk or a workstation for the last 8 hours. Make a change to your usual daily routine, and embrace how good this little difference can be. 

Talk to a Professional

Sometimes you need reminding about how far you’ve come, and how well you’re doing, by someone who really knows what they’re talking about. And there’s all kinds of healthcare professionals you can talk to when a bad day hits, so it doesn’t matter what you’re dealing with or where you’re coming from. 

Long story short, you can be sure there’s someone out there who understands you, and knows what to do next. For example, if you’re in the middle of an addiction recovery, using resources surrounding Mental Health Issues Caused By Alcohol Recovery is exactly the right thing to do right now. Don’t suffer in silence, and let the people who can help know you need help. It might be scary, but it’ll work! 

Do Something to Make Yourself Happy

What makes you happy? Maybe watching a funny film? Maybe talking to a loved one? What about petting your dog? Or even picking up your crochet needles and having a go at making a shawl? No matter what you turn to to relax and unwind, take part in it now to help make those bad day blues float away. 

When you’re reinforcing a sense of happiness, and positivity, at the end of a bad day, that’s all you’re going to remember. You’ve done something fun and nice before hitting the hay, and that’s both going to help you sleep, and wake up feeling refreshed in the morning. 

This simple 24 hours isn’t the end of your upward turn, and the ways above can help remind yourself of that.