As the coronavirus pandemic shows little sign of abating just yet, it can be challenging to see how we can stay active. When the initial wave of Covid panic struck, people knuckled down and stayed at home. As further lockdowns have been put into place, more people are finding themselves staring at their four walls. Gyms are no longer open. It’s trickier than ever to find the time to yourself to head off on a jog. And you can’t partake in a spin class. Your exercise regime may have gone bye-bye and you are worrying about your weight, your muscle tone, and your stamina. Follow this guide and consider how you can stay active during a global pandemic.

Use Your Garden

If the weather is pleasant, the sun is out, and the balmy air is conducive to some outdoor exercise, don’t stay indoors. The allure of the latest Netflix box set might be real but it is crucial that you find the motivation to get outdoors. You could use your garden to set up some circuits. While you might not have gym standard equipment, some rope arm exercises alongside some weights, squats, a yoga mat, and a skipping rope could help you to complete a HIIT circuit. Alternatively, if your garden is large enough, you and your little brood could set up a fun obstacle course or you might fancy doing a mock running bleep test!

Get To The Park

Many people are struggling to get their exercise fix during the global pandemic. If you are missing the gym, think about getting in touch with a personal trainer. While you won’t be able to use gym facilities, personal trainers have shifted their business model so they are meeting people in parks. They will still consider your fitness goals and work out a plan to help you achieve your aims. You might want to lose three inches from your waist. You might want to train for a marathon. Or you might want to become a bodybuilder. A personal trainer can help you. They will have all of the equipment you need and you could spend a couple of hours a week with them. They will be Covid secure and help you train in a safe way. This can give you something to look forward to and this can be one of the many simple ways to do more exercise during the current international health crisis.

Time With The Family

If you have offspring, the chances are that they are active little human beings. Get more involved and spend time with them. Consider making the sot of what you can do when following the Covid rules and get driving to some places of interest. Do a family hike in a national park, head to the coast for an active day at the beach or have a barbecue and a picnic with some games in the park. Spending quality time with the family is one benefit of the coronavirus crisis so make the most of it and as active as possible with your brood.

Staying active can be tough during a pandemic. However, follow this guide and you can still get your gym bunny kicks.