The benefits of change may not be apparent immediately. In fact, realizing these benefits may take some time. But, they are there.

Change can be a scary thing in life. It most certainly means things are not going to stay comfortable, and we will likely be knocked out of that pocket of predictability we enjoy.

Life is constantly evolving, and so change is unavoidable. It can bring enormous discomfort, fear, and unsettling consequences to those who resist it.

I’ve been known to resist change at points in my life because, let’s face it, it is something out of the realm of certainty. The very nature of it dictates that we must take up a new view elsewhere, whether we’re talking about a physical location, a dietary shift, a health crisis, a new job, having a baby, adopting a dog, etc. 

Common reaction to change

Most times, change is out of our control. It might feel unfair that we are forced to make a shift. How dare life mess with me this way when everything was going along perfectly in the status quo! Yup, I’ve blurted out those words many times. When this type of forced change happens, I don’t know about you, but damn, it feels good to let off some steam and complain about it.

We complain because it brings comfort. It makes us feel connected. We get confirmation that we’re not the only ones going through tough stuff. We receive the empathy of others. (And hey, let’s face it, empathy is like chocolate – it soothes the soul.) And since our comfort was taken away, it only makes sense we’d seek it out in another form.

Moments of uncertainty

So, in moments of uncertainty, we may just feel like caving in and saying to the world come swaddle me in some comfort while I unleash the weight of the world onto your shoulders. We may invite a friend in to listen to our complaints, and before we know it, we’re both waddling around together in the same pool of anguish, both equally upset about our situations, both wishing we could right the wrongs of this illogical world and start fresh. 

The problem with resisting change is this: we become inflexible. We stunt our growth. We get stuck in the muck of life. The rest of the world refines itself as we settle on the sure bets of the past. Advancements become impossible. Life takes on a stagnant state where potential realities fade into the background of the what-ifs we could’ve created.

Sandcastles are temporary. Trying to build them into permanent structures is an impossible dream. They fall down quickly, with little warning. The comfort comes when one realizes that when they crumble and fall back into the sea, they become the foundation for something else in the waiting. – Sandcastles by Suzie Carr

Many times we’re so rigidly focused on those things that actually spoil our spirits that we can’t see past the haze. We don’t even realize that if we look beyond the haze there is a whole lot of brightness that can help ease those things that eat away at our souls in our current circumstances.

That new job may be far better than your old job. The breakup might offer new insights into love. The loss of a dream might be the beginning to a more nurturing one. The new commute might offer you more time to reflect on life. The move to a new state might help you discover your inner strength. You see, with any change comes a new perspective and a chance to grow.

Instead of falling into the comfort of moaning and groaning about the shedding of the known, choose to shift the focus to things that bring about good vibes. If we have to change, we may as well make the most of it!

Change can bring enormous gifts that sweep in and pleasantly surprise us. Think back for a moment on those pivotal moments in your life and you’ll surely find that variation of some form created the momentum to nudge you into a moment when you were in the right place at the right time. You were likely flexible to the strength of the wind blowing you in a different direction, and because you were yielding, you didn’t break. You were able to bend with it and reshape in its wake.

Transformation is going to happen. If we can view it as a stepping stone to greater things, and learn to embrace its swift entrance and bold presence, then perhaps we can draw a dynamic strength from it and benefit.

I’ve started looking for opportunities to shake things up in life. Since seeking ways to get uncomfortable, I’ve experienced a more open mind, free spirit, and ability to recover from some of life’s toughest blows and disappointments quickly and successfully. I credit this largely in part to the constant reminder that we are meant to flow without resistance so that we may enjoy and not miss a moment of the ride’s blessings.

Benefits of Change

  • Keeps life fresh, unpredictable, and interesting
  • Offers new chances
  • Creates opportunities
  • Allows us to move forward
  • Builds strength
  • Rejuvenates life’s value
  • Improvements are likely to be the result
  • Generates greater flexibility

So try this

The next time the world is beating you up, and it will because that’s life, don’t stare at its mighty, impenetrable fists. Rather, cock your head to the side and latch onto the happy sights around, like the child giggling in the yard next door, or the dog wagging his tail, or the elderly neighbor wearing a smile on his face, or the trees dancing in the sky. Take in all of the beauty in your peripheral view. Then, ask yourself this defining question: What’s good about this change?

By asking yourself this question, your brain, a natural search engine, will begin its journey far and wide to find answers.

Everyone comes to a point in life when the ground will feel like it’s caving in below our feet, threatening to swallow us up and steal away the sunshine. In those moments of change, we can choose to cave or triumph. We can rise to our feet, dig ourselves out, and stake claim on new ground, this time stronger and wiser and embracing the new perspectives placed before us. Looking around, everything is new. The world, in its changed form, shines with possibilities. Its unpredictable, fresh new layers offer us brand new opportunities to plant and harvest new nourishment that has yet to tarnish our souls or persuade us that the status quo is comforting. Indeed, change is vital in the process of life. Its freshness offers us the promise of great advancements. For to grow, one needs to move forward, stretch her legs and embrace the gift of change. 

Over to you: How have you dealt with change?