A wealthy life to me has nothing to do with money. It has all to do with love and how we interact with the world around us.

I LOVE when I come across tweets that stop me in my tracks and really make me dig deep. This morning I came across just such a tweet I saw this morning: Some people are so POOR, all they have is MONEY.

I was walking my dogs early this morning when I read it, and then spent the rest of the time analyzing what wealth and poverty really mean outside the realm of money. If I take money completely out of the equation, this is what they mean to me:

Poverty is a state of being when a person fails to recognize all the gifts in his/her life.

Wealth is a state of being when a person greets the day with a smile and a spirit full of gratitude for everything in his/her life.

Awareness is the key in this equation of wealth and poverty. Those who honor and cherish their gifts are wealthy beyond measure. Wealth has zero to do with the size of a house, the style of clothes, the price of a car, the amount of a paycheck.

Wealth, to me, is more clearly defined by the amount of gratitude a person holds towards family, children (furry included!), friendship, love, health, talent, perseverance, determination, passion, etc… All of these gifts have their place in determining the trajectory of our thoughts, and so ultimately in determining whether we live in a state of wealth or poverty.

The most brilliant part about this definition is that we can chose right this very second whether we want to be wealthy or poor. Once we decide, we’re already there. It’s our choice.

Here’s to living a life full of the riches that money CANNOT buy!