It’s no secret that it pays to think about our health and fitness. After all, they say that if you don’t have your health, then you ain’t got much. The good news is that, in this day and age, the things that you need to do are pretty well documented. Still, with that being said, that doesn’t mean that all of us live perfectly healthy lives. There are two reasons for this. One is that we don’t want to; it’s fine to cut loose and enjoy a fast-food meal every now and again. The other reason is that while people may have good intentions, they’re often guilty of making common mistakes that can nudge their health in the wrong direction.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at some of the most common errors people are guilty of and make recommendations on how to correct them. 

Always Sitting

We live in an age that encourages us to sit down. Many people have a routine that goes: drive to work, sit at a desk all day, and then return home to sit on a couch. We’re not shaming anyone for that routine — all of it makes perfect sense. But it’s important to think about the impact that all that sitting down has on your health. Studies have shown again and again that sitting down too much can trigger a host of health issues, so it’s important to find ways to sit down less. Even a quick 5-minute walk every hour throughout the working day can do wonders. 

Forgetting About Water

You hear everyone talking about food, but very few people seem to talk about water. Yet, it’s just as important. It’s nourishment for your body and can help to keep problems associated with overeating at bay (your stomach can confuse thirst with hunger, leading to over-snacking). If you think that you’re not drinking as much water as you should, look at downloading one of those apps that remind you to drink or fill a bottle at the beginning of each day and make sure it’s gone by the time you go to bed. 

Lack of Sun Safety

Everyone knows that they should avoid spending too much time in the sun during the hottest days of the hottest months. Not everyone knows that they should be looking after their skin at all the other times of the year, too. The sun’s UV rays are at their most severe during July and August, but that doesn’t mean that they’re completely harmless at all other times — in fact, the opposite is true. The best advice is to find a sunscreen that you like, and wear it every single day, even if it’s cloudy. Your skin will thank you — and you’ll avoid many of the common signs of aging for longer, too. 

Not Getting Enough Sleep

Failing to get a full night’s rest can be annoying on a short-term basis — who doesn’t hate going to work having slept for just a few hours? — and highly problematic on a long-term basis. Studies have linked poor sleeping routines with a host of real-world health problems that include diabetes, obesity, and dementia. If you’re struggling to sleep, then look at making some improvements. Meditating, Delta 9 Gummies, and avoiding screen time before hitting the hay can all make it much easier to fall asleep. And with that, you’ll be ensuring that you’re fresh and energized the following day and that you’re pushing your long-term health forward. 

Failing to Connect

We tend to think of health as an individual experience. We’re trying to make our bodies the best they can be. Some people spend time in the gym in the hope that they’ll be better than others. But this could be the wrong approach from a health perspective. Studies have shown that connecting with others is highly important to our overall health — indeed, it’s one of the key factors that determine the longevity of the people that live in the world’s blue zones (where people live the longest). It’s not always easy to connect, of course, and you can’t do it with everyone, but it’s worthwhile investing in your emotional well-being so that you have the option when it’s presented to you. 

All Day Inside 

It’s clear that humans were not supposed to be sitting inside all day. It’s just not in our nature, literally. There are a wide array of benefits that can come from getting outdoors and making sure that you get enough sunshine. The light that you get from lightbulbs, your computer, and your phone are artificial and won’t do anything for you. In addition, making sure you get out and go for a little walk can open your eyes to new things in your environment, which can just make life more fun. 

All Time In the City 

As well as staring at artificial lighting, people can also make the mistake of spending all their time in an urban environment. There’s much to love about the convenience of cosmopolitan areas, but there are some things that it just can’t give you. Studies have shown that spending time in nature is one of the best ways to relieve symptoms of depression and anxiety; plus, the activities that you do there — like hiking or cycling — will also be likely to benefit your physical health, too. 

Healthy Mistakes 

It’s good to eat healthy food. However, it’s important to be aware that not all foods we typically think of as ‘healthy’ are actually healthy — for example, a lot of fried fruits, granola bars, yogurts, and wheat bread have a more problematic nutritional value than you might think. It’s a good idea to learn how to read ingredient lists to ensure what you’re eating is genuinely good for you. 


Taking control of your health isn’t always as straightforward as you’d like it to be. There are some things, like the ones we mentioned above, that aren’t always so obvious, but if you’re aware of them, then you’ll really help to improve various aspects of your well-being.