Life is full of unknowns, making it critical to find ways to keep calm during a crisis. Let’s face it, we all react differently during moments of crisis. Some of us freeze, develop anxiety attacks, go blank, or develop chronic stress.

While there’s no right or wrong way to respond to turmoil in your life, there are effective strategies sure to keep you calm during a crisis. 

No matter the problem you’re going through, these six tips will help you feel settled even at your worst.

Calm Your Physical Body

Regardless of the situation you face, crises always cause shock, overthinking, and sometimes less than desirable reactions. When dealing with problems, it is better to calm your physical body to ensure your mind settles and it can think. While there’s an on-going debate on hemp oil vs. CBD oil and their ability to calm nerves down, below are some tried and tested methods.


When done correctly, breathing helps manage anxiety attacks and emotional situations effectively. When you want to stay calm during a crisis, you must focus on breathing. During anxious moments, we often take short, quick breaths that hamper our ability to calm down.

Using the three-part technique, you can immediately improve your mood and feel calmer. Here’s how it goes:

  • Take a once off deep breath and exhale
  • Continue Inhaling and exhaling at the equal intervals
  • Start taking in fewer breaths and exhaling more

Challenge Your Thought Pattern

Most dead-end situations begin in your mind. The things you continuously think about become part of you and influence your behavior. If you always think about worrying cases, you’ll never experience total calmness in your life.

Instead, focus on becoming a more positive person both mentally and in your actions, and you’ll feel calmer even during problems.


Fear, despair, and hurt tucked up inside do you no justice. In fact, such negative emotions are toxic to your overall health.

Finding suitable ways to release all the tension is an effective way of physically calming your body. You can run, jog or engage in an activity that will help you progressively calm down and express yourself.

Listen to music

Music is food for the soul, and it often has a healing effect when you connect with the lyrics. Listening to smooth rhythms and awesome beats helps prevent the tension and stress from building up during turmoil.

Take a Step Back to Stay Calm During a Crisis

When facing a crisis head-on, you hardly have sufficient knowledge, let alone the skill to tackle it to completion. Instead of allowing yourself to suffer, it is best to get out of the situation first and think later.

After you’re out, you now have the chance to critically reflect on what you can or should have done during the periods of crisis.

Distractions sometimes offer the best option of getting your mind off problems. Go for a run or watch your favorite TV show to try and keep your thoughts occupied.

Look for Solutions to Your Crisis

When a crisis hits, some see the opportunity, while others look at it as a disaster. When you’re optimistic, you’ll realize that it’s a chance to look for new solutions for the problems you currently face or seek readily available remedies.

Through simple research, you can derive a lot of valuable information that may be of help to your current predicament.

The easiest way to get instant results from your efforts is:

Start Broad, and Narrow down.

Although a crisis may seem too far out of reach to you, the solution may lie on the first page of Google or Wikipedia. When there’s no sign of any useful findings, go deeper into your research and use advanced methods to find viable solutions.

Be Organized

Useful research relies on having an organized mindset. You can’t be undertaking non-essential matters like chatting and social media and expect to keep the focus.

Instead, let your moments of perusing be analytical and organized such that the flow is seamless.

Rely on Credible Sources

Before quickly moving to apply any answers you get for your questions, ensure that the information you’re about to implement in real life is accurate. Incorrect details may add fuel to the fire and make the crisis escalate further.

Before incorporating any new solutions, you should always confirm the credibility of this piece of information by verifying it with other reputable sources.

If there’s no record of such information anywhere else on the web, it is better to seek other options.

Expect Weird Answers

When you search the internet and books for answers, expect to find weird solutions to your problems, some you’ve never heard of before. If there’s nothing new under the sun, there must be an answer somewhere for every challenge.

Journaling to Keep You Calm During a Crisis

When you’re amidst a crisis, it may seem like an inopportune time to scribble down anything considering your mind is in a feeble state. The stress, pressure, and anxiety in your mind prevent you from thinking clearly.

However, writing down your intricate feelings, no matter the form or order, helps significantly reduce anxiety and gives you a better perspective.

Whether you use a computer, pad, or just the ordinary pen and paper, here’s how to effectively journal, especially during a crisis:

Start With Your Insecurities

Whenever you think about what you’re going through, specific aspects leave you worried and anxious. Detailing your inner insecurities and expressing them openly and emotionally feels much like talking to someone.

Recall the Moment

Take your mind back to the moment when it all happened. Write down the specific details of how the problem occurred, the part you played, and your first reaction immediately after learning about the catastrophe.

Doing this will help you process the events faster and give you a clearer understanding of the way things occurred and forge a strategy of moving forward.

Come Up with Solutions

After continuous scribbling of emotions and happenings, critically read your work and analyze every scenario deriving useful takeaways and thinking of viable solutions for moving forward with your life.

Besides, the most persuasive form of writing isn’t about total ranting but lessons too.

Final Thoughts

A crisis takes you by surprise, and most times, its effect is significant and felt years down the line. It is hard to focus on anything else other than your safety and that of your loved ones during these tumultuous times.

However, you must be in a state of calm to effectively assist anyone else. Use the above tips to keep the peace regardless of the type of crisis you’re currently battling in your life.

Remember, there’s life beyond every problem.