Do you have habits that you would like to stop but can’t seem to break? Don’t worry, there’s a way out of this pattern! 

Understand the Reason for Your Habit

Understanding the reason behind your habit is the first step to changing it. For example, let’s say your habit is snacking on sweets in the afternoon. You know that this causes you not to lose weight effectively. Understanding why a good place might start. 

Maybe the reason for your sweet tooth is because you’re feeling down or anxious about something else. Looking at what triggers these feelings can help with determining how to change them. For human beings to reason, you need time to mull over information. But ideally not when you’re raging hungry! 

Here’s an idea: get up from your desk. Take a walk around the block. Come back and see if those cravings have subsided. If they haven’t, try drinking some water before you resume your work. This way you don’t end up eating a whole bag of chips because you’re frustrated.

Talk to Someone

Talking will help you to get your feelings out of the way. If you’re feeling depressed, chat with someone who can listen attentively and offer their support. You can also enroll in different support groups and programs like mental health treatment programs. This will help you share and grow in your journey. 

If you’re trying to quit something harmful like drugs or alcohol, talk about it with any supportive person in your life. Seek someone willing to help you hold yourself accountable for what is good for your health.

The important thing here is that if talking doesn’t work, there might be other more serious underlying issues at hand. You may need professional attention from an expert on this subject matter, such as a therapist or counselor. Seeking their help could very well save your life!

Accept and Embrace the Change

Accepting and embracing these habits may be difficult. But it is the first step to making a change and leaving your old ways behind. Realize that these habits are not permanent but temporary. They will eventually go away if you try hard enough to make the change. It may be challenging at first, but anyone can do it.

Acceptance is the first step to moving forward. However, sometimes you have to let go of the past and embrace that it will never be what you want or expected. It is hard but sometimes necessary!

Surround Yourself With Positivity

The fourth method to stop creating habits is to surround yourself with positivity.  When positive and uplifting people surround you, it can help you escape your negative patterns. Focusing on what you like about yourself and those around you helps push the negativity out of life. 

It is okay if someone else does something that makes you feel bad. Remember, there is a difference between feeling angry or justified in your anger. If you need support after experiencing an emotionally draining situation, reach out for assistance from those who love and care about you. They can remind you how strong and capable you are.


You cannot control everything that happens. You’ll always have triggers and emotions that affect your behavior. However, by understanding this, you can try to change habits little by little in a healthy way so they don’t overwhelm you.

You may not be able to stop repeating negative patterns entirely. Still, with some self-awareness, support from others, and surrounding ourselves with positivity, you can begin the process of creating new positive habits for life!