If you type into Google ‘ways to lose weight fast,’ you’ll be presented with a cacophony of weight loss hack articles. Most of these will be fairly useful, but you still find plenty of authoritative sources pushing out the same old garbage. There are lots of ‘hacks’ that people claim will help you lose weight in record time. Usually, these hacks are seen as ways around the only true way to lose weight; eat a healthy diet and balance this with regular exercise. 

So, what weight loss hacks should you be most worried about? Here are three that you should definitely stay away from at all costs:

Go on a juice cleanse diet

Juice cleansing diets are really just awful. There’s absolutely no science behind them, and they only do one thing. By swapping out food for fruit juices, you fill your body with liquid fiber, mixed with a lot of sugar. After a few days, you’ll know exactly what this does to your digestive system. Essentially, it acts as a stimulant laxative, making you go to the toilet all the time. By the end of your cleanse – which can last a week or so – you will see incredible weight loss results!! That was sarcasm, by the way, you’ll lose weight, but only because you’re completely cleansed all fluids from your body and not eaten properly for the last couple of weeks. These diets are completely unhealthy, and anything involving a ‘cleanse’ should be avoided. 

Not eating after 7 pm

Some diet ‘experts’ will claim that eating after 7 pm will mean you gain weight. There are theories that the later you eat, the more chance there is of your body retaining the calories. In reality, there’s hardly any evidence to support this, and it’s a classic case of someone taking an idea and blowing it out of proportion. The original idea of not eating late at night is meant more as a way of stopping you from reaching for sweet treats and bad snacks. If you eat a nutritious dinner at 9 pm, it won’t magically make you fat. As long as you burn more calories than you eat, you’ll lose weight – regardless of when you eat!

Using fat burning supplements as a weight loss hack

There are all sorts of supplements on the market that claim to boost your metabolism and help you burn fat. Most of the time, the products you can buy in health food stores are just a waste of money. They literally won’t do anything, so there’s no point in even buying them. At most, they give your heart rate a little boost so you feel more energetic. Then, you have the hardcore supplements that are technically illegal and used by a lot of bodybuilders. Here, we’re back to square one as all these supplements do is make you go to the toilet very frequently. 

Stop wasting your time and risking your health on weight loss hacks that don’t work or have any science behind them. The secret to losing weight and improving your physique is simple; eat a healthy diet where you consume fewer calories than you burn.