A little personal note to all who know what I’ve gone through the past few months: I had a hard time pressing the publish button. This was the last book that my sweet boy, Sunshine, had been by my side with as I wrote and refined it. A part of me was honestly afraid that by releasing it I would feel like the end of an era occurred… but it doesn’t. In a spirited sense, I felt him giving me the thumbs up and nudge I needed. He’ll always be a part of this book, and I’ll always have that comfort.

The Story Behind Writer’s Insights

This book is one I decided to write after receiving many emails, messages, and posts with questions about the writing process and marketing from aspiring and seasoned authors. Many of these questions stemmed from people who watched my Writer’s Insights Video Series and were ready for even more information. I interviewed several experts in the fields of life coaching, website and social media, blogging, and editorial to find answers to some of the leading questions people posed. 

Who Should Read Writer’s Insights?

This book is for anyone who dreams of writing a novel, anyone who is confused on how to get started with writing it, or anyone who has already started writing a novel and needs direction on things like flow, pace, characterization, editing, and marketing.

Writer’s Insights is chocked full of tips and advice. The book guides readers through a simple process to help organize thoughts and navigate the path from the first sentence of a novel to the very last. Here’s just a little of what readers will learn: essentials to productive writing, ways to keep creativity flowing, creating the perfect book title, developing characters, hooking a reader from the first page, planning the plot, charting scenes, creating conflict, writing snappy dialogue, writing a synopsis, editing tips, publishing options, branding, and building a strong readership. I hope to help readers  clear through the clutter by offering an easy-to-understand method of staying focused and organized as they move toward their dreams of becoming a novelist.

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