The vast majority of people only go to the doctor when they are in severe pain and unable to take care of themselves at home. However, it is now generally acknowledged that those who take preventative measures to protect their physical health have a lesser likelihood of developing more severe illnesses or problems further down the road.

It is important to look after your physical health regularly. Not only when you are run down or sick already. I know that this can be easier said than done in our busy modern world!  One simple and easy approach is to schedule various simple health checks throughout the year in advance. It will only take a moment to add these as recurring reminders to whatever calendar app you prefer. Most of the checks themselves are simple and easy too. 

Anything that falls under the banner of “self care” can feel like an indulgence when you are busy. But look at this way, this is actually the most efficient approach and will save you time later on. Ultimately, the time spent regularly taking care of yourself in a proactive and preemptive manner is likely to only benefit you time wise if matters are found and resolved early. And of course, we would all prefer to find any potential health issues early when their treatment is much more manageable and the impact on our lives and our loved ones lives is less of a worry.  

Here are some regular easy health checks you may want to schedule over the coming months/year;

Annual “wellness” check

Most doctors will offer an annual “wellness” check service where they check your blood pressure, BMI, perform an overall physical exam, and potentially can do a general blood/urine test if you have any risk factors (i.e. being a certain age). These can be quick appointments that can flag up any issues or potential issues to get a handle on early. 

Hearing Checks

All of us should have regular hearing tests to ensure that we are not losing our hearing without realising it. Those with existing hearing concerns should have regular checks on any hearing equipment, including a regular hearing aid verification.

Smear Tests

All women over 25 should have an annual smear test. The stigma and “shame” that used to surround these has thankfully been reducing over recent years as social media and medical campaigns demystify and normalize the very quick and simple check that your local nurse can perform. 

Eye Checks

In today’s modern world of regular screen time we should all have an annual eye check. Even if you don’t wear glasses these are important. Annual eye tests can pick up a variety of issues other than simply needing glasses, including glaucoma and cataracts.  

We can all try our best to lower a variety of health risks that come with modern living, even if we can’t entirely eliminate them when it comes to our health. You can start living a better lifestyle right now, with or without a health check up.