staying dynamic

The Secret to Staying Dynamic

Here’s the secret to staying dynamic – be willing to let go and change. The longer you idle, the harder it is to get moving.


How to Increase Self-Control

To increase self-control requires a person to make sacrifices. Although this sounds terrible, it’s the best thing you can do for your future.


How to Remove Clutter

To remove clutter will open you up to a brand new view on life. When your landscape is clear, you can move forward with ease.

The Benefits of Routine

The benefits of routine are vast. Routine can catapult us to great heights because it ensures pertinent steps are never ignored.

How to Deal with Ups and Downs

Life will always be full of ups and downs. How we react to them will determine our level of joy in life. Both teach lessons if we pay attention.


Benefits of Change

The benefits of change may not be apparent immediately. In fact, realizing these benefits may take some time. But, they are there.

woman with outstretched hands

Live Your Best Life

Your Best Life: Do you know what that would look and feel like? Have you ever stopped to think about what makes your heart sing? 

Guidance Mediation

Guided Meditation: Worth it or not?

Guided meditation: Have you ever done it? I tossed this question out to the masses this past week on social media and the responses were great.

Inner Peace

Find Inner Peace in 10 Simple Ways

In our pursuits, we often tend to neglect the very thing we will need to help us push through, and that’s our health – a direct byproduct of inner peace.

finding purpose

Finding Purpose

The common thread in finding purpose, and this is just my humble opinion, is finding ways to create meaning and joy for others through our actions.