Be Happy

Be Happy Now by Giving More

To be happy requires we step outside ourselves and turn our attention to others.When we give, we empower lives and spread joy. 


Simplify Your Life with 8 Simple Strategies

To simplify life, we need space. Space protects us from clutter, which is really a terrible hindrance to a clear and relaxed mind.


Everything is Temporary

Everything is temporary. When adversity strikes, remember that nothing lasts forever, even heartache and pain. It will get better.

living in the moment

Living in the Present Moment

Do you ever find yourself reliving the past or planning for the future more than living in the present moment? Being present is the key to loving life.

feed your joy

Feed Your Joy Instantly

Feed Your Joy Facebook Group helps to nourish people by providing a positive and peaceful place to focus on those things that bring out the best in us.


Snap out of Apathy

To snap out of apathy is not easy. It’s also not impossible. Apathy an sneak up on you and steal your energetic vibe and drive.


How to Deal with Struggles

Many of us have had to deal with struggles. Life tests us. Heartache is inevitable. To fight it is futile. But, to embrace it is empowering.


4 Ways to Jumpstart the Day

To jumpstart the day requires you have the desire to thrive. Some days are easier than others to rise and shine, though. It’s time to wipe the sleep away.

Feel Your Best

10 Ways to Feel Great  

When you feel great, things just seem so much easier. You can focus more sharply. Your energy increases. You’re happier. You’re free!