I always get a mixed bag of feelings swarming in the pit of my belly on a book’s release day. As a writer who has put in a year’s work of love to weave a tale I’m proud to share, it’s a big day. So, I plan to spend it taking a long walk, sipping red wine, and giving thanks to all who support me.

Here’s what some readers have to say…

“You read it first for the touching story of pain, healing, and redemption intertwined with romantic discovery. You read it again to bask in the details, the harmony of nature and mind, the small things that bring us joy in a world filled with injustice and misunderstanding. Finally, this book becomes your safe place. Somewhere you go when you need some advice or just a place to exist and reflect.” – Mildred

“It all comes down to trust and decency, and here, Ms. Carr shines. Her characters are SO good, you’ll find yourself almost talking to them, and that, outside of the author’s adroit use of narrative, is Ms. Carr’s greatest talent. You’ll want to see the bad guys get what they deserve, you’ll want to see Harper succeed, and you’ll WANT Harper and Ivy to find happiness.” – J.S. Frankel

“It was a great read, and I must say that I’m still thinking about the raisin scene (wink).” – Brenda

“This story has many threads, but for me the deepest vein is forgiveness. For some of us have had terrible things done to us. Some less so. But for most of us, forgiveness is hard work. For Harper it is a great mountain to climb. I was very drawn into this story. I find it inspiring.” – Charley K

“I loved that the romance was sweet, loving and nurturing without any associated push-pull drama. How refreshing! The story is very relatable and will touch people in a meaningful way. We need more of that. Definitely recommend!” – Guerunche

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Okay onto the details:

Uprooting is available on Kindle, Kindle Unlimited, and paperback. And if you prefer a signed copy, you can order that here.

Stay awesome!