I hope you are enjoying the holiday season and are looking forward to the new year ahead. Some things I’m looking forward to are producing brand new podcasts to inspire self-love actions and releasing my 14th women-loving-women romance novel, Uprooting in March 2020! Yay, I always get excited about a new book. I love to put all my research into a story and watch it unfold.

Speaking of research…

I’ve been a busy novelist these past 5 weeks. I’m in Colombia, South America visiting family as well as collecting a bunch of unique experiences to put into my 15th novel (yet to be titled!).


OMG the experiences have been life-changing for me, starting with a severe case of altitude sickness in Bogota while in a 2 hour immigration line, to celebrating an American Thanksgiving put together for me and my spouse by our Colombian family, to hiking through the steep hills of coffee bean and plantain mountainsides, to sleeping on a farm under a mosquito net, to dancing under the bright Colombian skies in an open amphitheater while a live Salsa band performed, to navigating the city streets of Armenia and realizing there is much order to its chaos.

It doesn’t stop there…

I loved so many things like riding in the back of a Jeep Willy on back roads full of ditches and rocks, to breaking down in the middle of nowhere in said Jeep Willy and having two very generous men stop to help us (our battery faltered and they just happened to have had a spare battery in their vehicle. What are the chances?!) to taking cold showers because hot water is hard to come by, to waking to the calls of roosters, to starting off with limited Spanish and being able to hold a conversation after 5 weeks, to hiking through a bamboo forest, to discovering Nipplefruit (Yes! There’s such a thing!), to picking mangoes; avocados; lemons; oranges; and zapotes fresh from our family’s backyard chalet haven.

Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Oh My!

Additionally, I had even more experiences like the amazing chance to swim in hot springs fueled by a volcano, to witnessing garbage trucks blaring festive music as they keep the quaint towns clean, to visiting countless quaint towns all situated in picturesque valleys, to being greeted by most everyone we pass with a Buenos Dias and a smile, to experiencing a 6.0 earthquake on Christmas eve and having to run out to the streets for safety, to then experiencing 10 more earthquakes in the days following (last one was an hour ago, and I’m used to them now!).

Taking Note…

It’s been one hell of a trip filled with so many unique moments. So many it’d take a novel to share them all. Well it’s a good thing I’m a novelist! I can’t wait to share them with you in my 15th novel that’ll come out March 2021.

Until then, may life be kind to you and your loved ones and offer you many opportunities to find joy in the simple and mesmerizing world before you.

PS I’ve been busy producing many podcasts this year. You can access them and all future ones on my YouTube Channel. Please subscribe to my channel and be sure to hit the little bell to get notifications whenever I upload a new episode.

Thanks for being a part of my life!

Suzie Carr