I’m so excited, and jumping into a bit of a happy dance because my upcoming novel, The Dance, is off to the editing team!

My fabulous group of beta readers were SO helpful, and now I can confidently rest as my editing team polishes it up. The Dance is about love and friendship, and the power of holding a deep respect for one of our planet’s most beloved, keystone species – the honeybee!

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The Process of Writing Fiction Books 

I love hands-on research, so I always start with that first. For The Dance I met up with a local, organic beekeeper and his spouse to learn all about honeybees. I experienced them firsthand. I suited up and ventured into the bee apiary. Standing among tens of thousands of honeybees opened my eyes to a whole new reality. They create wind with their wings! They buzz around happily, and if you treat them gently, they treat you with even more gentleness. I fell in love with them, and wanted to learn as much as I could about their plight.

They are in danger, and we can help. Educating ourselves on simple things we can do, like avoiding the use of insecticides and pesticides in our gardens and lawns, planting wildflowers, and writing to your representatives and asking them to vote in favor of laws protecting honeybees can have a strong impact. They are a keystone species, which means their death becomes the death of our entire ecosystem as we know it. A fascinating read I discovered through my research was Bee Time: Lessons from the Hive. Read it, devour it, and spread the word!

Once I compiled my research, I dove into writing mode, not coming up for much rest until I had written draft one, two and three! (Actually more like draft twenty!) Then, I turned it over to my trusty beta readers who then returned to me with incredible insights and feedback. Then, it goes to my editing team do their magic with it!

Background on The Dance

Genre: Literary Fiction

Release Date: January 2016

Short Synopsis:

The Dance is a dramatic story that deals with friendship, mentorship, and love. After a terrible tragedy occurs, a woman and her stepdaughter struggle to find common ground. Then, they meet a local beekeeper who introduces them to the wonderment of the honeybee world. As they spend time focusing on something outside of themselves, they learn to dance around life’s ups and downs, coming face-to-face with the many parallels between them and the honeybees they begin to nurture together.