Today is official book launch day for The Curvy Side of Life, and I’d be fibbing if I told you I didn’t have a swarm of butterflies taking up flight inside me. Oh, they are carrying on like a bunch of wild partiers in there, fluttering, twirling and flirting with my nerves… come to think of it, they’re sort of acting similarly to my character Candace, the sweet and sultry Latin dance instructor, oh and Yoga Goddess. We mustn’t forget Yoga Goddess.

The Journey

To those who haven’t written and released a book and celebrated a book launch date, I would explain the feeling of such an important day as that feeling you get right before you take off in an airplane. A swelling of excitement takes over, and is soon joined by a spike in fear. I mean you’re hopeful the thing will more lift than drag. You know? Yeah, that’s the same thing with a book launch.

As with all books I launch, I only do so when I’ve painstakingly ensured it’s a story worth telling and sharing. And, I always say this: this is my favorite one. And, each and every time I believe this to be true. Until the next story comes along. Chuckle.

Why do I love this one?

The characters who took up refuge in my brain for the past year have taken over all pessimistic thoughts (not that I had too many, but let’s be real here… I live in the Baltimore DC traffic area) and implanted a bunch of fun and witty times in their place.

I also got to hang out in an incredible lake resort home (yes I let my imagination run wild with this fictional retreat) and spent time learning how to move my hips without breaking my back at Arthur Murray Dance School (nothing made up with this.) Yep, so not only did I get to write about sexy dance moves, but I also got to be a student of said dance moves for the past two and half years. The result of that is I morphed into a person who dances the Salsa and Bachata while chopping vegetables. Surprisingly I can do this without incident. (yikes)

A Bit of Myself

I also loved being able to weave a bit of my younger self into Bristol’s character. She’s a shy girl, and for good reason. But, you’ll have to read the book to discover that reason (wink wink). Just like me, Bristol also feared some things and learned to deal with them anyway. She might’ve feared riding a bicycle, but that didn’t stop her from enjoying a bicycle. Some of my fondest childhood memories were times spent walking my bike up and down the street in my neighborhood. Eventually I braved all and learned how to mount that seat and peddle away. But it took some work to find my inner courage, and it did for Bristol, too.  

Fun Group of Women

Then there’s the other secondary characters who swept in and took over my fingers as they typed. Danielle, Faith’s sister, is that kind of woman who’s been through hell and back and still smiling somehow. Martina, is that friend that makes you roll your eyes one minute and crave the comfort of her presence the next. She’s like an exuberant, most times outlandish, puppy dog in need of attention. And finally, there’s Lucia, the matriarch who can cook up a soothing bowl of soup and make all your troubles go away with her humor.

The Love Story

But, most importantly, I fell in love with Faith and Candace’s love story. It’s full of internal challenges, twists and turns, and steam. Lots of steam. (Smile)

I hope if you take this journey with me, that you’ll fall madly in love with all of these characters, too.

Available Now

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